Saturday, May 3, 2008

Haircuts, Anniversaries, Babies and Birthdays!!

This week had many events that I've lacked to blog about but to keep myself "current" and up to date I'll post my favorite parts!! Enjoy!!On Saturday, Steven and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We went to our favorite restruant (Sakuras) and then headed over to the Emerald Queen for a little Blackjack!! It had been forever since we've been and it was even better considering we came out winners!! hehe :) My parents took Jacob for the night so we were able to come home and watch "One Missed Call" and call it a night! The movie was "OK"..not the best or the worst we've seen but nevertheless it was a movie!! Monday, I had a Dr. appt which went well, her heartrate was in the 140's which seems to be the norm lately and Im measuring just a tad smaller than my due date which makes me wonder if she's going to be large like Jacob or on the smaller side (I've only gained 9lbs so far) Im hoping for the latter :) After my appt, my mom stuck around and went to Wal-Mart with us! It helped so much because she was able to entertain Jacob while I grabbed what we needed. I try to distract Jacob with a Happy Meal before we start shopping so he's got something to distract him while I quickly make my way around the store!! While I was shopping, Lynda from 'Philips' called and asked if I wanted to do a 3D ultrasounds on Wednesday, I jumped on it and to say that I was esctatic is an understatement!! That night we went to our friends Suzie and Andy's house for a great dinner, guitar hero and cards!! I also got some wonderful cookie dough and I cant wait to cook it up...if Im able to keep myself away from the dough! Tuesday my friend Danielle came over to cut mine and my friend Michelles hair and our other friends Renee, Christy and Stepheni came over as well to entertain us! It was a lot of fun and we are both SO in love with our new do's!! Wednesday I dropped Jacob off at my parents and headed up north to Bothell for the ultrasound. I was so excited that morning that you'd of thought it was Christmas at our house. I woke up early and couldnt go back to sleep!! (Im cheesy, I know) So when I got there it was ultra high tech! There were flatscreens everywhere and I even had to check in using a computer! I had to have a "visitors badge" on me the whole time too! I saw a gym for the employees as well as a beautiful cafeteria!! I met my u/s tech who was great and very friendly. She informed me that she'd been a tech for a long time and now worked for Philips. She was asked to try out a new u/s machine on me and give her opinion on what she liked and didnt like about it. That machine was just your basic 2D (but gave great pictures none the less) and she knew I wanted to see Ava in 3D so she had that machine in the room as well!! She spent over an hour showing me all the parts on Ava and taking some measurements just for fun!! (This was by no means a 'diagnostic' u/s) all for fun! We were 100% able to confirm Ava was a girl which completely put my mind at ease!! It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it if you are willing to drive up north and have the time available!! Thursday we went to our friends Chris and Angelas house for a BBQ dinner and hot tubbin!! (Dont flame me, it wasnt too hot and I kept most of my upper body out of the water anyways!!) It was a lot of fun and we're already starting to plan our Hawaii trip with them next spring!! That morning, Angela and I took the kids to Babies R Us...we always love just looking around and I was "advised" to register, even though Im not having a shower. I guess it just helps those who wanted to buy a gift get an idea of what we need. Plus, you get a few free gifts as well as a completion coupon around the time you are due!! So while we were wandering the store anyways, I scanned a few things I thought would be nice to have!! Check it out and let me know if Im forgetting anything!! Hehe We hit up lunch at Red Robin and I had a burger there for the first was wonderful!! Yesterday it was my friends Danielle and Michelles birthday so to celebrate we went to "The Diamond Lounge" in Bonney Lake and then some ventured off to the "Yella Beak" in Enumclaw. We had a great time and got some great pictures!! (I'll post some of my favorites!) Today we had our 2nd to last MOPS meeting which was a lot of fun but I am sad that we'll be all done with for the year, thankfully they've got some great activities lined up for the summer so I really hope I can do them, even with little Ava!!
Well that about sums up my a nutshell (haha)

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