Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So Thankful!!

Well after a brief battle with either food poisoning or the 24 hour flu I am feeling much better and back to my blogging self!! We decided on the fly Friday night to take Jacob to the Long Beach Pennisula as kind of a "Jacob" weekend before his sister comes. We wanted to make it a very special day for him and thats exactly what it turned out to be. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the sand was so warm we walked around with our shoes off nearly the whole time!! When Jacob first saw the ocean the first thing he said was "Fishy!" which Im assuming besides his bathtub, any other body of water is a "fishy" (we'll work on that) :) We let him play for a couple of hours on the beach which consisted of constructing a sand castle with daddy, watching a man fly his kite as well as admire a group of kids kicking a soccer ball and doggies doggies galore!! What a perfect spot to take your canine friend and thats exactly what we did!! Buddy had a great time as well...he loved to chase all of the birds :) after the beach we went to our favorite Bakery and had some delicious sandwiches and of course, we couldnt pass up a few pastries!! Needless to say, Jacob was satisfied (not to mention he got an Elmo ring on his cupcake!) From there, we strolled along the downtown streets and window shopped as well watched Steven take a ride on the go karts!! Probably Jacobs favorite part of the day!! Since Jacob usually goes down for a nap around 2-2:30 we were both quite surprised when we looked at the clock and saw it was 4:30 how pleasantly happy he still was!! Phew...what a blessing! We were starting to get tired and decided to head out while everyone was still happy!! Within 15 minutes of us being on the road, Jacob was out like a light!! I drove halfway home so Steven could take a little nap and then we switched and I did the same...before we knew it we were pulling into our house and it was nearly 7:00pm!! So it was quite a fun filled day and couldn't have asked for a better behaved child and such amazing weather...needless to say, Prayers answered!! My good friend Amberlynn (who is ultra super crafty) hosted me at her house today to make some invitations for my shower!! She showed me what she had in mind and it was so cute!! So after 6 hours of us craftin' it up today they are all done!! I am so happy with them and thankful for her creative skills and her willingness to do this for me! We are going to be on the "Craft Team" together next year for our MOPS group and so Im so excited to see what else I can learn how to do! Not to mention she will be welcoming little Ben in early August so we'll be new moms (again) together!! I started feeling pretty icky on Sunday morning but still went to church...after we got home I went to bed and thew up 3 times *I think it was the sausage, egg and cheese Hot Pocket I ate Saturday night after the ocean...it may be awhile before Im able to eat those again..ugh! I can't thank God enough that I happened to be the sickest on Sunday and Monday..the 2 days Steven was home!! He totally stepped up and took over full-time care for me and Jacob!! He brought me soup and 7-up, got Jacob dressed, fed and took him to the park and around the block in a wagon and played in the back yard all day in order to let me rest...not to mention he did laundry and still wanted to work on the house which included more painting in a hot hot room! I am so blessed to have such a helpful husband!!
Anyhoots... Steven just got home from Bible Study so Im out for the night!!-Keren!

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