Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our New Bedding...(Minus the crib with the weird drawers on the bottom)

Ok, so we finally bought the crib mattress we needed for the baby's room (yay for the stimulus checks!) so I decided on Friday to put her bedding together. I dont know what was wrong with me but my emotions got the best of me and I "hated" what it looked like...tears and everything...stupid hormones (hehe) I called Steven crying and telling him how bad I felt that I invested all this time and money into something that just didnt look right. When he came home he agreed, the bumper pads didnt look right and the yellow wasnt as cheery as we were both hoping (more like a "mustard" yellow) so to make a long story short, Steven let me pick out new bedding :) I found this one at Target and we went up to Bonney Lake today and bought everything we needed to complete the room!! I've decided if Pottery Barn won't take back the bedding (because it was on clearance) I will either Craigslist it or Ebay it...either way Im optimistic it will sell... so here is a picture of the bedding we got and along with that we also bought the wall stickers, the nightlight, decorative pillow, and (2) curtains!! To view the rest of the collection you can go here:
(Steven told me later on that he'd secretly really wanted to do a pink and brown theme) and now that I see everything put together...I love it and wish I would have listened to him better!! I will post pictures tomorrow!!! Eeekkk!!

(The crib thats shown is not my favorite and as you can see the pink and brown drawers at the bottom just dont make it look right...instead we got the dust ruffle
to go with the white sleigh crib we have)

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