Friday, August 22, 2008

100th Post...a little late!!

I didnt know how to check out how many posts I've written until Steven mentioned something about 105 posts the other day...I asked him where he saw that and then I felt stupid... it was right in front of me the whole time! So, in honor of post #100 (even though it's a little late) here are 100 random facts about yours truly!!
Amy for the great idea!!)
1. If money was no option, I'd probably have 5 children.
2. My ideal dream job would be/will be a labor and delivery nurse
3. I plan on taking online classes this fall in order to complete my prerequisites for nursing school 4. I wish I was able to scrapbook more.
5. I will never buy anything with real fur
6. Even though Im not a vegetarian, I prefer to only eat white meat chicken
7. I've only had 1 bloody nose my entire life
8. I've never broken a bone
9. I met my husband when I was 17
10. ..and got married when I was 20
11. ...and had our first baby at 22
12. ...and our second when I was 24
14. I can type really fast
15. I used to be obsessed with Corvettes
16. I have a huge "Toy Story" memorbilia collection
17. I love horror movies
18. I love to drive fast
19. I could shop everyday
20. Im obsessed with football!
21. I wish I had a nice camera
22. I can't cook
23... but I would love to learn how!
24. I enjoy a glass of wine every once in awhile
25. I could eat Sakuras every night!
26. I love being pregnant
27. I was adopted when I was 3 days old
28. I am an only child
29. I had my dream wedding!
30. I love cruises
31. Im obsessed with soda...Coke or Sprite
32. Im in 2 fantasy football leagues
33. I would wear my jeans everyday if I could
34. I love celebrity gossip
35. I belong to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
36. Im addicted to myspace and blogging
37. I had a VBAC (Vaginal birth after a ceserean)
38. I love my church and try and make it every Sunday
39. I hate slow drivers
40. I try and talk to my parents at least once a day
41. I have OCD...and LOVE to clean
42. I have a crush on Matt Hasselbeck (and my husband is ok with it!)
43. Im looking forward to starting my career
44. I love to decorate
45. I lack patience (but am working on it)
46. I've had the same best friend since I was 4
47. Im glad I had my kids young
48. I wish I could dance
49. I love to play poker
50. I am a HUGE animal lover
51. I was proposed to in a bowling alley
52. I love tattoos and can't wait to get more!
53. I am a horrible back seat driver
54. I used to be an EMT and I loved driving the ambulances
55. Blood and guts dont freak me out
56. I've seen dead bodies
57. I hate veggies
58. I wish I knew how to use Photoshop
59. I've had braces
60. I love pedicures
61. Im a huge fan of Big Brother and Tori and Dean
62. My birthday is December 6, 1983
63. I make the bed everyday
64. I've only lived in 1 state (Washington)
65. I pray I will be a good mother
66. I'd rather text message than talk on the phone
67. I have an amazing husband
68. I have naturally curly hair
69. I lean towards the "right" as a Rebublican
70. I've never seen Office Space
71. I hate the color orange
72. I love to watch the news
73. I will get plastic surgery someday
74. I dont read books
75. I named our daughter after my best friend
76. I love to wear make-up
77. I've never had a migraine
78. I cry over the ASPCA commercial everytime (the one with Sarah McLaughlin)
79. I have been on TV
80. I have won on the radio
81. I dont understand why celebrities feel they have to give their kids such weird names
82. I gag easily
83. I love baths
84. Im a sucker for baby clothes
85. Im a night owl
86. I dont drink coffee
87. I get car sick really easily so I drive most of the time
88. I love to sing in the car
89. I dance with Ellen
90. I named one of our cats after a football player
91. I could eat a slurpee fact I've had one a day for the last 3 days!!
92. I rode in a limousine to Disneyland with my mom
93. My parents got 3 hotel rooms for me and my friends on my 17th birthday!
94. I've never had a facial
95. My dream car is a Mercedes Benz (silver)
96. I catch and release spiders in our house
97. I dont like milk
98. Im not afraid to talk about anything
99. I am interested in serial killers
100. I am so blessed!!


~amy~ said...

Great Keren.... I dont know if it is more fun to read someone elses or do my own 100:)

tuesdaymom said...

That was fun, Keren! I feel like I know you so much better now! ;)


PS I always wondered about the driving thing....

Anonymous said...

You are so funny, love you, Susy