Sunday, August 31, 2008

A light at the end of the tunnel....

First of all, Steven and I cant thank everyone enough for all of the phone calls, emails and referrals you've provided. Your support and encouragement mean so much to us. We just continue to pray and know that ultimately we arent in control and we need to let the Lord do with us as he desires. He wont give us challenges we cant overcome and from this, we will learn. But with all that said, we are quickly seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and which was once a scary situation, has turned into us persuing just some of our lifelong goals.

God has truly blessed our family in allowing me to be a stay at home mom. I cant think of a more rewarding job then to be able raise our children. (Wow...Im still not used to the word "children" yet!) But I've always had a passion to become a nurse. Last week I woke up and realized that is something I still want to do...ultimately in labor and delivery. (Steven is secretly hoping this will cure my baby obsession!) :) anyways Im hoping to start this fall taking the rest of my prerequisites in order to begin the RN program sooner rather than later!

For Steven, this situation has allowed him to realize he wants to become a part of the union. More stability, better wages, 410K, Pension...and more!! We have a couple of friends who have referred him to some companies that are hiring and the more he looks into it, the more doors are being opened to him. Hes going to begin his commercial apprenticeship which will allow him so many more opportunities to move up and make better money. With his 8 years of experience as a residential journeyman, he's ready to move up, eventually owning his own company. *Depending on the future housing market!

We had our 3rd annual Valley Bible Church fantasy football draft yesterday and Robert and Ricci were generous enough to open up their house yet again, for some of the players and their families. Along with us, our good friends Ryan and Amy, Chris and Angela, Ben and Heather, Sarah and Allan and all of the children, respectively contributed to one packed house! Being the only female, yet again, I have a reputation to uphold (as well as a championship win from last year!)...hehe that will never get old!! I am also participating in an all female fantasy football league this year too! Should be interesting :)

Tonight we are going to
Chris and Angelas house for a second installment of our Murder Mystery Dinners!! Along with us, we will be joined by Ben and Heather and Cris and Jessica!! They are always so much fun as we look forward to an evening of fellowship and fun....and food!! Good food at that..its a Hawaiian theme this time!! We are planning a trip to Maui with Chris and Angela this April to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary...and after the weather today, Im ready for some tropical climate!!

:: Please pray for the citizens of Louisiana as we've had the tv on CNN all afternoon and they are predicting Hurricane Gustav to be worse than Katrina. These people have already endured so much::

Thank you so much!!

Countdown to
The Puyallup Fair - 5 Days!!

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