Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Monkey!!

This is the exact expression that was on Jacobs face when we caught him in our cabinets the other day...yup the cabinets... not the ones that are accessed down below on the floor..no, that would be too easy...these are the cabinets you have to climb up on the countertop in order to access. *Steves mom has told me before that he was caught a time or two on top of the refridgerator eating bananas when he was younger. I guess its in the genes. Here is the picture of our kitchen and the exact cabinet he was in...his feet were on the bottom shelf and he was reaching in the top shelf to get his candy basket..from Easter!! Yes, he remembered we kept it up there. Time to add some more child proof locks!!

::Fast forward to today::
I was online playing around because both kids were supposed to be sleeping. Well, Norah was out cold right next to me, but I could hear Jacob talking to himself in his crib, he does this a lot so I didnt think anything of it...until I heard the sound of little feet walking around upstairs. He sounded so happy and excited. That only meant one thing... he figured out how to get out of his crib :( my little boy isnt a baby anymore *tear* We wanted to move him to a twin bed around his 2nd birthday so we're right on track to begin this transition. We'll finally be able to complete his room because his "big boy" bedding I bought him last year is meant for a twin bed!! I just couldnt believe that in a matter of a week he's gotten the urge to climb on everything!! Welcome to the world of little boys Keren!

*How could I not end this post with a picture taken of Norah today :)
(hopefully Jacob will be out of this stage before she's old enough to catch on and follow in his footsteps!!)


Angela Miller said...

Wow! He is a monkey. I can't believe he was in that cabinet or that he climbed out of his crib. Thankfully, Keegan never learned to climb out of his crib.

Anonymous said...

She is just the prettiest baby!!! And you got to love the monkey. Gramma Susy