Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We could use a few prayers here at the Fenton household....it is almost a certainty that Steven will no longer have a job in the upcoming days. This doesnt come as a shock because as you know, the housing market/economy suck right now. When the market is down, houses are not selling and there is no demand for electricians, hence the layoffs. So yes, we're a little nervous. Not to mention we got our hospital bills yesterday...ugh!! I could never put a price tag on Norah, she was worth every penny but the timing is not good...yay for payment plans. Depending on when/if Steven does lose his job, Im hopeful the hospital will work with us to lower our bills b/c of our non existant income. With unemployment, we would be able to cover our mortgage...and that's it. I have been looking around at a possible job for me but with a 4 week old and 2 year old, daycare costs dont come cheap. I'd be working in order to pay for daycare...unless I could find a night job...and just have Steven watch the kids...I'd really hate to do that though. We're trying to remain positive and put our trust in God as He is in control.

...on a happier note, we were able to catch up with our friends the last few days which has been so rewarding. We had an amazing dinner with Chris and Angela the other night at The Ram...the kids did amazing and...mmm...Raspberry Breezes are the best!! We saw that on Sundays, kids eat for 1.00 so we're already planning our next double date (pending employment!)

Ricci invited us, along with some other women from church to a lunch at her place on Friday, it was so nice to get out and fellowship with other moms, not to mention she had a/c!! The electrician who wired it for them did an amazing job :) We cant wait to go back in 2 weeks for our fantasy football draft day bbq!!

On Saturday my mom met Steven and I (and the kids) at the zoo bright and early. We wanted to make sure we were there before it got too hot. It was a success as Jacob did amazing! That morning, when I went to go get him out of his crib I asked him "Jacob, are you ready to go to the zoo...?" and he said back to me..."and see the Sharks?" "and see the fishies??"..."and see the monkeys??"..."and see the elephants??"..I was stunned. I called my parents immediately!! We were so proud of him!!

Saturday night, Jessica and I joined Heather at her house for girls night while the guys went bowling! Although I was slightly jealous I wasnt able to show the boys up, we had great "girl talk" time!! When the guys got back we all watched Mel Gibsons, "Apocalypto" which happened to be Bens favorite movie, after we got done watching it, we could see why. Steve really enjoyed it.

Today my good friend Suzie came by to see Norah and Jacob. She hadnt see her since she visited in the hospital for the birth! Her and her hubby just bought an amazing camera so she figured the kids would be a good test subject! I think she did great (the pics I posted below are from her!) They head to New York on Sunday and I am so jealous!! I know they are going to have a great time!!

Norah is 4 weeks old today...wow time flies. We take her tomorrow morning for her 1 month check-up. Im anxious to see how much shes going to weigh and how tall she is. I wonder if she will be off the charts like Jacob was or if she'll grow at a slower pace like the average baby. We'll see!! She already rolled over tonight from her tummy to her back...it took me by surprise so Im having to watch her a little more closely...Im not sure if that was a fluke or not...crazy!!

Anyhoots...its off to bed we go!!

Thank you so much for the prayers...
*will keep you updated

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Mommy2SerenityL said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for your DH. Times are tough all over.. and it stinks.

Have you thought about maybe a babysitting job. I dont want to overstep my boundaries.. its just that I am a student.. and we are living on one income..so I know how tight things are. I make some extra cash each week.. and you get to keep your LO's with you! Just a thought though.

Best of luck.. and I look forward to reading your blog!!