Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting all settled in...

For the past few days I was debating weather to take the kids out with me to run some errands and each time, I decided against it. We thought about purchasing a double stroller but after weighing all the pros and cons we decided to just wait until Norah can hold her head up better and then we will invest in a med/lightweight side by side double stroller and for now, Steven would just push Jake in the umbrella stroller we have and I'd take Norah either in the Bjorn or in the travel system. The double strollers I had previously looked at were not only expensive, but incredibly heavy as well. I quickly began to get stir crazy (there's only so much vaccuuming, cleaning, laudry and organizing that can be done!!) I've never been a homebody and it was killing me that we couldnt just "go out". So after just a few days, I decided I was going to go ahead and search the "list" aka Craigslist, when all of a sudden...I get an email from my good friend Renee, who at the time was needing some minor electrical work done on her her and Steven were figuring out how much it would cost she mentioned that she had a practially brand new sit and stand stroller she had decided not to use...and asked if we'd want to trade! Deal!! What a blessing for that to come into our hands, and at a perfect time too!! We test drove it on Friday with my parents and Steven at the Pierce County fair! It was wonderful to have both kids together and Jacob loved that he could sit or stand!! We met the Graham firefighters and Jacob got to "drive" the firetruck, he was in heaven...and he even got a picture on Steves lap in the drivers seat!! He had a great time watching the big kids go on all of the rides...I cant wait for him to be able to experience the timeless joy of fair season!! Saturday, we visited the Puyallup farmers market for the first time and we were so surprised to see how many people and vendors show up to this weekly event! We are going to try and go a lot more often now!! Everyone had a blast! Steve and I stayed up on Friday to watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics where we were blown away with the amout of time and effort and special effects that went into making this such a spectacular event!! What an honor to be able to participate in these games!! I felt pretty crummy Friday morning... but thankfully my mom came by to watch Jacob while I took Norah to Sugarbabies my new favorite store... hands down!! When at my friend Morgans house on Wednesday, I came across a headband of her daughters, and I knew I had to pick one...or two of these up!! The creator of these adorable headpieces is Jamie Rae and I came home with the Raspberry Rose headband and hope to pick up the Truffle Pink Rose hat later this week...but I am already picking out the next couple to match some more outfits!! When I got home I was surprised with a visit from my good friend and hairdresser extrodinare Danielle!! She had brought us over dinner with flowers and some "adult drinks" and these wonderful chocolate cookies!! Thank you Danielle, for making our night!!! We were blessed with over 15 dinners the last couple weeks and cant thank everyone enough for taking the time out of your days to drive all the way to Orting just for us!! Now that life is back to normal and meals on wheels was over with, I decided I needed to stock back up on food again, and take the kids to Wal-Mart today...(sigh) I was extremely nervous about handling this task by myself b/c Jacob would have to sit in the cart while I wore Norah in the Baby Bjorn, but I am pleased to announce it was a success!! I was so happy and so proud of Jacob for obeying and I rewarded him with a fruit snack and popcicle when we got home!! I have been so blessed with Norah as shes been so easygoing (I think she already knows how crazy her big brother his and is cutting me a break...for now!) but she only cries when shes hungry. Her umbilical cord finally fell off yesterday so she got her first real bath and loved it!! (Will post pictures asap!) Shes been sleeping through the night since day 1 from around 11:30pm to 7:00am, I nurse her and then shes back down again until about 10-11am. Its allowed me to get Jacob up and running (literally) and spend that extra time with him in the morning, its our special time together!! I thank God everyday for the 2 little blessings he's brought into my life...and for such a wonderful, loving and devoted father, in Steven!!

On a special side note: Today, on Christys blog, Norahs photshoot was her featured post, go
here to check out what she had to say!!


Itty Bitty said...

I am glad to hear all is well and the new one is fitting in the family perfectly!

OMG OMG: said...

oho, so cute are the babies here