Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Miss Piglet!!


Yup, that's right!! I've officially got a little porker on my hands!! We went to her 1 month check up yesterday and she's topping the charts in the 100% percentile in height and weight...When she was born she weighed 8lbs 14oz and then she lost a few oz in the hospital which brought her down to 8lb 7oz. When we took her to the Drs at 6 days old she was back up to 9lbs and 3 weeks later we're a whopping 11 pounds!! She is also measuring at 23" that 2 more inches than when she was born!! Jacob did the same thing when he was this little too. I didnt expect our little girl to keep up with him though! The kids are both taking after Steve on this one...I am just happy she is healthy and growing strong!! She loves tummy time and holding her head up! The Dr was quite impressed with how strong her neck was and when we told him we thought she rolled over the other night, he wasnt surprised. We have to keep an eye on her now because we dont want her rolling of the couch!! She loves to scoot too!! We have a one month old already!! My goodness...I can't believe how fast the grow and how quickly time passes!! Its no wonder Im already ready for another!!

*We're going to wait awhile though, dont worry!

*Congratulations to Laura who just found out she's having a little girl!!! Eeekkk!! Add one more to team pink!!

**Praise the Lord, Steven is still employed..for now!


~amy~ said...

That is so great:) I love them all yummy like that. My kids were all big babies! You might remember Corbin 2 weeks early weighing 9lbs&15oz. At 3 months he was 20lbs....Mr. Chubbers.

Itty Bitty said...

How adorable!! She is such a cutie!