Saturday, January 17, 2009

{Can I brag a little?}

It is currently 10:25pm on a Saturday night, you may wonder why that is signifigant to me and I will tell you it's because my husband has been hard at work (on a side job) since 8am. I am so amazed at his dedication and hardwork, not only tonight but the 3 late nights he worked last week as well and his normal 7-4:30 job. Every time I've talked to him today he's sounded so happy and as much as I know he's missing us, he's helping our family out tremedously! I dont know when he'll be home, but he's planning on working as late as he needs to in order to not have to go back tomorrow, plus, football is on, and that's a good motivator!

{He doesnt know this but Im secretly planning a dream vacation to Maui for him} he thinks it's all up in the air for now and pending our tax return and some scheduling issues, I hope to take his breath away when he finds out what's happening} hehe, I love surprising him!

So I am going to relax, watch some tv, and not complain for having to spend yet another night by myself and just be thankful for a man who is willing to sacrifice so much (including his weekend) for us!


Joy said...

Maui! How wonderful! You guys are going to have so much fun relaxing and soaking up the sunshine :) I love your nursing covers so I will be buying a few soon for my expecting friends. Talk to you later!

Joy said...
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