Sunday, January 11, 2009

{ I } ::

I am: spoiled
I think: gas prices are starting to go back up...ugh!
I know: more now that when I was younger...
I want: to be free from credit card debt
I dislike: most vegtables
I miss: sleepovers and girls nights with my friends...
I fear: dying... and leaving my children while they are young
I hear: Jay Leno
I smell: like Britany Spears perfume
I crave: soda and slurpees
I cry: at movies that involve animals dying...
I search: etsy, craigslist, and ebay way too often
I wonder: when the economy and housing market will get better..
I regret: the whopper I ate for lunch
I love: sewing!!
I care: about my parents...
I always: clean clean clean!!
I worry: about Steven losing his job...
I am not: a chef
I remember: my wedding day...perfect!
I believe: in GOD
I dance: and have a lot of fun while doing it...
I sing: even though Im not good at it...
I don't always: floss...
I argue: when I know Im right
I write: lists..all the time!
I win: at Guitar Hero all the time, I think its beginning to bug Steven
I lose: my cell phone and debit card and license on a daily basis...
I wish: we could built our dream home now and not have to wait on the market!
I listen: as much as I can...I try and be there for my friends
I don't understand: how anyone could hurt a child or an animal
I can usually be found: at Joanns, Target, Church, my house, or my parents
I am scared: of possums and moths
I forget: how much it hurts to have a baby...thats why I want more!
I am happy: when the house is clean.... the kids are tucked into bed.... when I get to work out!!

If your read this, you're it!!

TAG... if you are reading this... you are it!


tscarter7 said...

I AM SCARED OF POSSUMS AND MOTHS TOO! I thought I was the only one!

Michelle said...

Well it took me all day, but I just posted this on my blog too! :)

Nickie said...

this is so cute, I didn't know you blogged here!

Nickie said...

You got me, I posted mine!