Monday, January 12, 2009

{Girls night::}

On Saturday, I hosted a girls night out with my Mom and Baby Group. We met in the spring of 2007 at Good Samaritian Hospital and have remained very close friends ever since. It helps that our babies are all within a few months of each other, there are even a few of us on round 2! Although we dont get to see each other nearly as much as we'd like, we try and do things at least once a month...
Here are a few of my favorite pictures...
We had so much fun!!

{Renee, Morgan and Jessica}

{Michelle and Amy}

{Amy and Michelle}



{The music came on, and we were dancing!}

{Our neighbors must have thought we were crazy...}

{My house can beat up your club}

{Me, Bree, Danielle and baby Tyler}

{We went "kniving" a neighbors house...he's a friend and
also a fellow practical joker}

{The finished product!}

{Fun times!}

{Some of the girls in the back of the truck!}

{Michelle, Steph, and Amy}


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