Monday, January 26, 2009

{Playing catch up}

Its Monday night, my workout is done, Steven is upstairs tiling the guest bathroom and the kids are asleep. I love this time of night, I just get to sit back and relax while catching up on some tv shows, emails or having a kid free conversation with my hubby.

Our church recenlty merged together with another church in Edgewood. We began meeting at a new location at the beginning of January and at first it was somewhat overwhelming but after just a few weeks I am really enjoying it! The music has been great, the sermon, wonderful, just like before and with so much more space (except for in the parking lot) we have the much needed room we'd been missing in the previous building. I have already met some great friends and I can't wait to further our friendships, I can sense many playdates in the near future!

Sunday after church we met up with Chris and Angela and took the kids to The Ram because on Sundays kids eat for 1.00! They get a ton of food too! The only problem was that our server was horrible and we were there for over 2 hours...thankfully Chris spoke to the manager and we got a nice gift card as compensation :)

Monday night, my parents offered to watch both kiddos (yes both!) so Steven and I could go to a movie with our good friends Andy and Suzie...the last time we went to the theater to see a movie was also with them..but it was to see I Am Legend...yeah, its been awhile. We saw a great thriller that kept us on the edge of our seats! We had a great time and can't wait to do it again...(this time much sooner than last)

Our Mops table got together last week and took the kiddos to Jumpin Jack n Jills in Sumner, I have mentioned this place in the past but just want to remind all of you south-sounders how fun this place is! Its a great place for the kids to run free when it's freezing outside and you're looking for a place to go kill a couple of hours.

Alicia and Stephanie and I went for a girls dinner on Tuesday at The Rock. It is probably my favorite pizza joint and if you've never been, I strongly suggest the "My Generation"'s to die for!

Friday night, all of the moms in our mops group got together for a night of food, fun, games and a silent was so much fun and I came away with 3...yes 3 baskets! One of them was filled with scrapbooking materials/magazines and even a book. The other was a movie night themed basket complete with 3 movie ticket, candy, a dvd and some cute popcorn holders...and finally the last was a camelback water bottle, tshirt, book and a coupon for a free Emerald City Smoothie, my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing so hard and it was definatley a great time!

Sunday, we celebrated Steves Grandma and Papa and cousins was so nice to see everyone and Jacob had a blast playing with his cousins...we dont get to see his side of the family enough and we are going to work on getting together a lot more this year...

That brings me to tonight...we celebrated the birth of Adelynne Grace with a fun baby shower at church, her mama and I have become good friends and they have recently started attending our church. We are so happy to have them and I love getting to hold this beautiful new baby! She just melts my's not really helping my baby fever either!

The kiddos are doing great! Norahs had a bit of a cold but I think its starting to go away...Jacob has become quite the big brother. He's now helping me a lot more with first I think he just pretended she didnt exist. Now I will catch him bringing her toys, putting her pacificer back in her mouth, kissing her and bouncing her in her jumper (she really likes that!) On Friday, Norah goes in for her 6 month appt...I am excited to see how much she weighs...should be you think The Biggest Loser takes infants? hehe. j/k I love me some baby fat!

On that happy note,

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Kris and Janaye said...

you're so sweet! she melts my heart too!!