Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{Photoshop Fun}

I guess you could say Im a tad bit addicted to Photoshop Elements ... I have been stalking a few websites that have been a huge help is guiding me to create some amazing effects on my pictures. The next stop will be taking a class at one of the local colleges in town which will show me even more in depth all I need to know about my camera. I figure that we have an amazing camera so why not use it to it's full advantage! As I was 'learning' today this is what I came up with....I know its in the pumpkin patch but I really like this picture...stay tuned, way more to come!!




VBC MOPS said...

Can I just email you some of my pictures and have you do cool stuff like this?

Justine said...

Hey Keren! Nice job!! I've also been working in Photoshop and have been really pleased with some of the things I've figured out. I think we have the same camera...Nikon D40x?