Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Late:: Christmas

I contemplated not even posting about our Christmas because it's been nearly 2 weeks...but I couldnt skip the biggest, most important holiday of the year, so here it goes...

We had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families together! My parents came over Christmas morning and my mom made breakfast for all of us. Jacob then opened his presents from my parents and also from us. I think we all enjoyed watching him open his presents even more than opening our own! Im pretty sure Jacob now owns every "Cars" toy that ever existed (jk)...it was so easy to buy for him this year because he loves anything and everything "Cars". He really got the hang of "Present Opening 101" and we were all blessed with some amazing gifts, including another zoo membership for the 2009 year! My mom and dad bought Jacob a portable DVD player (just for kids) and he hasnt let go of it since. He loves it...Steven and I bought him Madagascar, Finding Nemo, Kung Fu Panda and a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD so he's been breaking those in quite well!

From there we all went to Stevens parents house in Shelton for dinner and to exchange more gifts! Once again, the kiddos were spoiled and had a great time playing with their cousin Serena and Uncle Chris. Dinner was fabulous and we had a great time together. I am so lucky to get to spend every holiday with both of my families. We never had to split them and our parents get along so very well...I always tell Steven that even if we weren't married our moms would be best friends...I am so thankful!

Here is a glimpse into our wonderful day!!

*You can see my new love of ribbon, no more bags or bows!*

*This is our tree after my parents unloaded their gifts*

*Norah loved the tissue paper!*

*Norah opening her gifts*

*Norah loves her Papas..(andy they love her too!)*

*Papa John*

*My handsome hubby*

*Grandma Susy*

*Smiles for Grandma*

*Getting the hang of it*

*More "Cars" stuff*

*Gotta love the early morning hair!*

*I put Jacobs stocking stuffers in this bag!*

We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and wish you the best year ever in 2009!

The Fentons


Stepheni said...

Ha!! I think my fave part about these pictures is Jacob's bed head of hair and his oober cute jammies!! !

Stacy said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I recognized one of those Christmas cards..lol.

Jessica said...

Hey those are the pj's his Auntie Jess (a.k.a: me) got him!

Angela Miller said...

We almost bought matching jammies for our boys in that same pattern.

The Ferguson Family said...

Right back at you :) You have a beautiful family and some really fun photos on here too. Maybe I'll run into you somewhere in the neighborhoods around here.