Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick!!!

Yup...thats right...sick!! And its getting really old, really fast....I feel like a smoker after 50 years...I swear Im going to cough up a lung next! Ahh!!!**I dont know weather I can take any meds or Im just fighting this one out...and "trying" to let it not stop me from my daily grind!!...I got spoiled by my mommy group on Wednesday and ate a delicious dinner and had some wonderful laughs...(body pillow Steph?) Thursday I met with my good friend Pam and we went to see the newest addition to our church family..little Anna Sophia was born wednesday night!! Unfortunatley I didnt hold her but I did manage to admire her from a safe as soon as I feel better Im all over her like white on rice!!! From there we went to lunch (kid free) at Red Robin and had a great time together!! That night I was at Suzies house while we entertained each other b/c our hubbys were we just hung out and also had a great time so much so that we were back over Friday night for dinner and Guitar Hero...and Phase 10... :) Im so happy they are back in Puyallup!! My MOPS group also took an outing to the Tacoma Childrens Museum on Friday so Jake and I went on a date together and had a great time with the other mommies and babies!! **Plus mommy got a kickin workout walking up the hills in downtown Tacoma!! Today was our bi-weekly meeting for MOPS so from 10-noon thats where Jacob and I were...I made some cute coasters for our house too!! After MOPS we were off to the Beautiful Baby Contest at the mall...a different company ran it this year and we were quite dissapointed...there were over 100 kids and they only awarded 1 winner in 4 age groups...not one boy winner or one girl winner just one total...we all thought that was kinda odd...I was feeling sick and never even saw who one the "toddler" division...we just decided to go home b/c it was far beyond nap time...moms know what Im talking about!! lol..nevertheless we got some good pics of him running to my mom on the runway and cheesin it up to the judges...after he went down I too, took a nap and then made a dessert to take to our friends house for dinner at 6 we were at our friends with another couple and had a great time! Not to mention she gave me more girl clothes!!! (Pics to follow :) Yay!! :) So I have a dilema...I think Im giving up the idea to try and "design" a nursery for Ava...I need to be realistic on time and considering Jacobs room isnt even done yet I should probably consider buying Avas bedding so this is where I ask your opinion...Im literally stuck!! I cant make up my mind between 2 different if I post the 2 pics will you let me know which one you like best...or if you dont like one at all!?!..I need to get going on her nursery...too much to do little time! to set the clocks ahead an hour...ugh!!!
(here are the 2 nursery styles...please share opinions!!) Thanks everyone!!

...ok it seems at if "blogger" is having some issues I will try the pics in a new post...if that doesnt work...we'll try tomorrow!!

PS...In the bedding with the flowers we WOULDNT be using the "hippy" looking flower crib sheet...thats when it really pays to have your mom make the sheet!!

Ok...I tried to upload the pics and they still aren't working so I will just post a direct link... is one of the 2 we are thinking of... the other one is this one... help!!! I cant decide :) thanks!!

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