Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's about time Jessica!!..We're so happy for you!!

I know its a few hours early but I couldnt resist....Happy St Patricks Day!!...Too bad I dont look good in green!!..ugh..Oh well..I guess if its just for one day!! Friday I met my friend Heather at the Tacoma Mall and we had a great time with the kids...(Dont mind what I previously said about putting the shopping on hold...oops!) We had a great time and I got some new jeans!!! That night we went to our friends house for a great dinner of lasagna!! We met with 4 other couples from our church and had a great time of fellowship!!! Saturday was spent with Stevens family in Shelton, we started out the day in Olympia for Jacobs first easter egg hunt!! Stevens mom works at a hospital and they had an employees (and their families) only hunt which was broken down by age groups...we bought Jacob a sports themed baskets and he called the eggs "balls" as soon as we showed him how to pick them up and put them in he figured it out and had a basket full of "eggs" by the time we were done!! It was a great photo-op and cant wait to do it again this next weekend!!...Steves aunt and uncle are back from AZ for the summer and we were very happy to see them as well!! We all went to a great lunch nearby and had a great time! I was in a "nesting" mood last night and apparantly steven was too because we spent a couple hours cleaning hit me that time is slowly creeping up and we havent even begun Ava’s room let alone finished Jacobs I hit panic mode today!! Thankfully my mom calmed me down and Im ok now...we do have the nursery theme picked out (see Ava Rose album) so thats a relief...and today we bought the pack n play so thats another weight lifted off my shoulder...its sold out online and sold out at the Tacoma store so I was thrilled to find it in the Southcenter Babies R Us today (see Ava Rose album)! We took my parents to the Rainforest Cafe for their birthdays and we all had a great time...(especially Jacob) he was there not that long ago and you could definaltley tell he remembered where he was!! He began jumping up and down in pure excitment!! ::Side Note:: Ava was moving so bad today during church that my shirt was shifting uncontrollably...what a also my great friend Jessica announced her pregnancy today (finally!!!)...along with another couple in that makes like 15 girls I know!! Lets keep em coming!!!
Goodnight All

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