Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Peanut is....

Still a SHE-nut!!

we had a great ultrasound today...she was sleeping and facing my kidneys so the tech had me lay on my side and then tilted me back just to try and capture the "profile" shot for it was wasnt even that big of a deal but I could sense the tech was trying so hard to get it for us she checked the "money-shot" a couple of times for us...just to make sure...and shes definatley still a she...phew...most importantly she looked great...her heartrate was 154 and my placenta moved up like it was supposed to...which allows me to still be able to try for the VBAC as long as everything else goes as follows. Steven noticed she was sucking her thumb as she was was so cute...afterwards we went to the mall..(kid free...Jake was at my parents house)..and looked some summer clothes and had a great time...and even picked up an orange julius..yum yum! We came home and got ready for card night (one of our monthly gatherings we do with some friends of the family as well as my parents) My mom, Steven and I took Jacob to the park after lunch and they had some awesome "big kid toys" and with the help of Steven he was able to enjoy them like any other 5 year was such a beautiful afternoon for it too!...I was just happy Steven was able to have the day off to enjoy it with him! Well its getting late and we’ve got a busy day to bed I go!! Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

I didn't know you had a blog either! Sure, add away, I'll put you on ours too!

I am glad to hear your Ava is still a girl! :) You have bought SO many clothes lol!!!!!