Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keren...Dont' Play With Your Food!!

Isnt it nice to welcome in Spring with pouring down rain showers??? Ugh...lets hope it changes soon!! Im dying to wear my sandals!! I had a great lunch on Tuesday at Christys house with gourmet homemade pizza..courtsey of Morgans delicious dough recipie and the yummy onions and spices from Christy...mmm....her house was awsomely decorated in ALL green!!!...She’s really got to post pics b/c I cant describe all the stuff she had out!! It was great I really got the itch to go back to work so I went back on Wednesday and Thursday and had a great time...yes..I said it..."a great time" ...I really love what I do and have the best co-workers...its nice to get out for a few hours a day...!! I cant thank my good friend Morgan enough for watching Jacob the last 2 days...shes a godsend...and SO great with him...she took them on walks, and Jacob laid his head in her daughter, Sophias, lap (she's a month older) and she rubbed his precious is that??? She even went out and bought them special snacks...I really wish she’d open a daycare because she really does have a special touch and Im so lucky to know her...seriously...I owe you lunch next week!!! Today before we left I was "blowing" dry cheerios at Jacob...he got a real kick out of it...and our dog was loving eating them off the floor...well I wasnt thinking...and when I gave Jacob his bowl of dry cheerios he decided he wanted to be like mommy and blow them too...the only problem was that instead of blowing them dry, he wanted to chew them up and then spit them out!!...Oops ...moral of the story...don’t play with your food unless you want your kids to copy you!!...Also..tonight in the bath Jacob was tossing the bubbles out of the tub for our dog and he was not supposed to do everytime he did it I would swat him...well... he decided he could be his own "punisher" and he tossed some bubbles over...then said "no no" ..and spanked himself...hahaha...Im was so funny...but I controlled myself and "tried" to be serious...Steven took tomorrow off for the ultrasound and so Im really happy..although really nervous...Ive been hearing so many stories where people have been told they are having a girl and then they turn out to be a boy...not that having another boy would be bad...I’d just be out some seriously cute clothes...hoping to post a clear profile pic of HER tomorrow!! Its great to have him home..especially when he’s not sick!!...He’s a little more handy when he’s healthy! We’re going to go out to breakfast and then take Jacob to my moms...then she’ll watch him in the afternoon while we’re gone...tomorrow night we have card night at their house so he’ll just hang out with them until that night when we come back to play!!! A date "day!"
...well Steven just got home from his side job so we’re going to watch the highlights from todays NCAA playoffs...yipee!!...(not!)

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