Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holy Heartburn!!!

23 weeks down and the symptoms have finally begun....bring on the Zantac! I have always had to battle acid reflux but thanks to my love of Coke and my ever expanding tummy my reflux had become a daily occurance...I asked my Dr what she could do and she wrote me a perscription for Nexium...unfortunatley our insurance didnt cover it so I was stuck getting Zantac over the was either that at 150mg or Pepcid at 75mg...ummm obvious!! So I took it today and didnt have it too bad...I also went without breakfast which was my fault!! Moreso I now have heartburn...mind you reflux is different than heartburn...heartburn I can handle...I would definatley rather have that the the going back to the old wives should mean Ava will have a lot of hair!! :) one can only hope!! Tuesday night Steven went to a side job so I got my friend Renee together and we went to dinner at the local Mexican resturant in was very good and now Im looking forward to visiting there more often!! Yesterday we made our weekly trip to wal-mart...Im getting pretty good at figuring out what we need and going in such a particular order to where I dont need to retrace my steps... furthermore cutting out 30 minutes of wasted time...for Easter we are getting Jacob a couple of fish (his new obsession!) and a potty chair...he’s already gone a couple times in the toilet Im just not brave enough to a.) let him run around the house naked ...and b.) wear big boy underwear and consistantly soak himself... Im not sure if I even want him to be "potty trained" before Ava comes because I’ve heard they often "regress" after a new baby we’ll just play it by ear and see what happens...Im in no hurry...but thought what a practical gift to get (dont worry we bought our plastic eggs, a football easter basket and some candy too!) this morning I began a new Ladies Bible study on the book of "Daniel" taught by Beth Moore...if any of you are able to ever to a study by her I seriously reccommend it! Shes awesome and Im already looking forward to doing this weeks homework to learn more! I’ve realized I need to spend more time in the Word each week and Im hoping this may be my opportunity! **can you tell Im really excited???** after Bible study 2 of my girlfriends and I went to North Bend and shopped our brains out!! The best thing was that there were no babies!! (Except for Truitt...nursing baby..which was fine...we all got our baby fix and he did great!) We all managed to find a lot at Carters, OshKosh, Motherhood Maternity (3 shirts!) GAP and Childrens place!!...I must say it was a very successful trip!! So because of my shopping trips on Sunday and today I’ve officially cut myself off for a while...(*a week or so...maybe?) I will post pics asap! I cant wait to hang them all up! I just hope Im buying the right sizes to fit her in the correct seasons!! ...if not I know a lot of girls having girls I can give them Im sitting here myself (Steves gone again) and Im hoping to catch up on some TiVo and just takes a lot out of a girl!!
PS... Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Until Tomorrow,

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