Monday, March 10, 2008

There's a party going on in my uterus....

Yesterday after church we went out to lunch with our friends Chris and Angela making it a record setting 5 times I've eaten at Red Robin in 9 days...ouch! lol thankfully when I weighed in at my Dr appt today I was just at my prepregnancy weight so technially I still havent gained a pound which is incredibly surprising b/c of all those steak fries and girl scout cookies I'd been eating... by this time my "weight tracker" says I should be up 10-15lbs by now so Im happy to be below average...(for now) lol Im hoping Ava is smaller than Jacob b/c that may increase my chance for a natural delivery...we also went to the Supermall and found SO many darn cute outfits at Carters, Old Navy, OshKosh and Gap!!...the spring stuff is in and the winter stuff is on clearance so we definatley made out...*I'll post pics soon!! We played guitar hero for a couple hours while Jacob was were on a mission to get 4 stars on all of the songs on medium...we're too chicken to move on to "hard" gets pretty tricky on that level! Tonight our church is having a ladies night out at The Spaghetti Factory so Im looking forward to that...not to mention Steves excited for a date night (to Home Depot..and a bike ride) with Jacob!...I think I've decided on the nursery theme...I Im so indecisive!! Im leaning towards the birds...but we'll see. At my next dr appt I sign all of the paperwork for my VBAC and we'll go over in detail more of that procedure (Im so excited!) ...I also have to do the Glucose testing...with Jacob I had to fast before the test and this time I dont which is nice! I will just go in before my appt and drink the juice and exactly 1 hour after my schedule OB appt I will go back down to the lab and have my blood drawn..hopefully my results will come back normal...with Jacob they did not and I had to go back for a follow-up appt...(which came back clear) Im trying to eat a little healthier so I wont have to do that again!! :)
until next time!

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tuesdaymom said...

Please don't really post pictures of how you made out. This is a family blog, woman!
Just kidding. It was nice to "see" you last night...across the room, that is. You had better go to Awana tomorrow night. I was forced to doodle last time because I had no one to talk to!