Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She's a mover and a shaker!!

Im so distracted right much as I want to blog I cant help but watch my tummy move as if somethings struggling to get out... It must be the chewy chips ahoy’s I’ve been eating! ...We had a pretty busy weekend consisting of MOPS on Saturday morning, an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday afternoon and then we took Jacob to get a fish for his Easter present...he loves it...every morning when he wakes up he askes to go see him...and then we feed him...its been fun seeing Jacob claim him as "his own!" ..we’ve named him Billy our Blue Beta although Jacob just calls him "Fishy" ...for Easter we went to church and then with Stevens family as well as my family we all met up at "The Ram" for a wonderful lunch buffet!!! It felt great to splurge!..We came home and did another egg hunt and Jacob ended up taking a 4 hour nap!!...Steve and I got a couple hours in too...all that food makes a person sleepy!! I worked today and Monday and had a lot of fun!! We did auto extrications today and ran trauma scenerios rained for about an hour but being the only female with a group of 20+ guys you get a little spoiled and they made sure I was was very sweet :) I applied to be a guinea pig up in’s for the "Philips" lab where they teach and show students as well as medical professionals how to use ultrasound they literally pay you to see your baby...its great!! So after filling out the application and getting my Dr’s approval..I got the call back today that I qualified!! ...and usually there are a couple of people in the room watching your u/s but the lady asked if I would mind a larger group...I told her the more the merrier...our little girl will already be famous and she hasn’t even been born yet!! I guess there will be quite the variety of people watching Ava on the latest 4-D equipment!!! ...That totally made my day...I had a 4-D with Jacob and loved previous Dr offered them...but my new Dr when a friend referred me up north I was thrilled I’d get to see Ava 4-D as well! (For free!!) ..and actually get!! ...Steven bought the chair railing for Jacob and Avas room so hes been working on that all night...the new Pottery Barn Kids collection comes out April 1st so Im anxiously waiting to see what they have...that way I can finally go buy Avas bedding...and then paint her’s killing me not being able to decorate yet!! Fyi...Jacobs voting begins tomorrow on the website for "Baby Idol"... he’s on the 2nd page under Jacob W can vote every 10 minutes let the games begin!! ...Well Im off to grab a bite to eat before bed!! Nite!

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