Monday, March 3, 2008

All Hail the Thin Mint!!

Man I've seriously been slacking on my blogging bad!! Its been pretty busy the last couple of days here at the Fenton household...Friday my mom and I went and found some fabric for Avas goal is to design her whole room and so far I've been pretty successful on finding the fabrics I want to use...thankfully I have an amazingly talented mom who can sew wonderfully!!..Its been "our" little project to work on and we're having a lot of fun coming up with the design!! I'll post pics when we narrow it down some more...that night we had the awesome priviledge of going to our good friends book signing and release party!! This is the 2nd book that has been released in a 3 part series...I strongly reccomend it to anyone!! You can see their website here and learn more about the books the are working on...the next one will be a novel and will be coming out 8-8-08! **They created a character of me on the cover of the new book!! :) Im so excited about it!! <---- check out their site and buy a book!! I can even get it autographed for you!! :) Saturday we went to church to watch the kids race their pine cars in the annual derby we have it was so fun and I cant wait to make a car next year!!...Afterwards my mom and dad and steve jake and I went to Red Robin for lunch and it was sooo good!!...Since it was so nice out we rode out bikes around Orting for a few miles to enjoy the nice weather...PS as we drove by Safeway we spotted the girl scouts..and we invested in a few boxes...oh yeah baby..move over slurpees..there's a new kid in town "all hail the thin mint!" That night our friends Ben and Heather invited us over for a movie night and we watched was actually pretty good...kinda like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers...but better! Sunday we had church and then came home to do naps and then went back to Heathers for yet another movie night..this time it was Beowolf...alright...not really my type but Steven liked it!..I needed to branch out anyways! Today my BFF had a day off and she took Jacob and I to Red Robin for lunch!!!! It was so wonderful!! We had a great always!!! We came back to do naps and then met up again at Sakuras for dinner...this time Steven came along and we had a babysitter for Jacob! It was so nice to not have to rush while eating!!..I forgot what it was like to actually "enjoy" a meal! lol..I mean that in a good way! We also got a chance to browse Borders and I bought "the girlfriends guide to toddlers" ! Im excited to read t tonight because I really liked her humor in her previous book! But I was also eyeing the "no cry discipline solution" had a lot of good advice so we may order that one next! Anyhoots steven playing guitar hero and Im getting I go to show him who's boss!!

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Amy said...

You can come visit anytime! The doctor thinks it will go fast, but who knows. Maybe I'll have her before Awana! :)