Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily (or Nightly) Check-In...

Yup...still here!! I love getting all the new comments and messages everyday though! Like I told my friend Stepheni who was worried about "bombarding me", how often do you really get this type of attention?? Really?? It's very rare so I'll eat it up while I can to be honest with you all Im not actually due until the end of the month, I just enjoy all this love Im getting from everyone I thought I just spread it out!!
(Just Kidding!)

Yesterday, Jacob and I made a trip to "The Wal" aka Wal-Mart, I thought for sure with all the stress thats causes by shopping there, something is bound to happen...but no. Nothing.The next attempt was going to Amys b-day party (which was kid free too! Thanks mom and dad!) We had such a wonderful time with our friends and also managed to play a few board games!! I thought with all the excitement, maybe Norah would pop her little body out...but no. Nothing.

Attempt number 3 was an intense walk at Bradley Lake Park with Christia and Barry, Carly, Suzie and Me (and the kiddos!) I started to get really crampy...but no. Nothing. I had a lot of fun watching all the kids enjoying themselves on the big toy and that in itself was worth the trip...next stop, Pioneer Park tomorrow morning.Jacob and I had a pool party this afternoon in our back yard. Best investment this summer by far! We've been blessed with a long streak of nice weather, I really can't complain!! (maybe I'll try washing the car tomorrow...thats always a good workout!)

Thursday I have a Dr appt and Friday I made and appt with Dr. Xu (The accupuncturist) who comes highly recommended by quite a few people. And as I talked to him today I really liked him...He acted as if I just come in there, get the accupuncture, and boom...have a baby! Wishful thinking...maybe, but Im willing to try it out!!Oh and I must welcome to the world of blogging: Mandi, Jessica and Michelle...well at least they're new on Blogspot...man my list is growing like crazy, its a quick and easy way to keep up with everyone and their busy lives!!

Tonight Jacob and I went to Christys house for an evening of socializing! It was such a fun time and I wish we could do that more often!! The summer just get so hectic and time flies by so fast, it seems like September is right around the corner :( yikes, that means I'll have a 2 month old by then!! All of the kids played in her ginormous back yard while us mommies sat under the umbrella set and chowed down on some amazing food...as always!
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful circle of friends!!
"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you." - Elbert Hubard
"The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away." - Wilson Mizner
"I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends." - Walt Whitman

...and on that happy note


PS: Please dont hesitate at all about coming on down to the hospital(Tacoma General)!! I'd love to see everyone!! Unfortunatley a few of my closest friends just left this week for a few days so I was pretty bummed to think they might not make it but yes, Id love the extra company!! (Especially if I have to recover from yet another C-section!)
::Still keeping my fingers crossed!!::

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