Monday, July 21, 2008

Wake-Up, Shower, Eat, Have a Baby!!

I can officially say this is my last "check in" ...unfortunatley, Norah has proven to be even more stubborn than Jacob was, and is deciding she doesnt want to leave her house any time soon. Therefore, we have our induction scheduled for sometime tomorrow. I am supposed to call between 5-6am and based on the number of beds available they will give me a time to come in. Since I was induced with Jacob, I have an idea of what to expect and unfortunatley that isnt as "comforting" as it may sound. I can only pray that since I've had more "pre labor" activity: contrations, mucus plug loss, and dilation...that maybe all we need is a little pitocin to kick things into gear!! My friend Morgan took me to lunch at The Rock last week and it was so delicious! I hadnt been there since my 1st trimester when I was still a little nauseous, needless to say, I've been missing out!! On Saturday, Stevens parents graciously offered to watch Jacob for the weekend while Steven and I attended Christy and Shauns 2nd annual Hick Party...yes a Hick Party :) creative huh! It came complete with tractor rides, wheelbarrel races, minature pony rides, sloppy joes and much much more! I will post some of my favorite pictures below.... we had a great time and I personally think Steven fit the role to a "t". Unfortunatley, there isnt much an overdue pregnant chick can wear thats "Hick" I tried my best. And yes, the cat litter desserts were awesome!! Do you think I could get away with bringing those to a Church potluck? :) Sunday we picked Jacob up and spent the afternoon/evening with him...just eating up the last few hours of his "only child" status. Today we met Christia, Suzie, Laura, Jessica and Carly (with the babies) for yet another lunch at The Rock :) (yes, Im making up for lost time) twice in 3 days...maybe that explains the extra pounds I put on this weekend :) but this time we went walking afterwards at Bradley Lake park. I had such a wonderful time but am very sad to see Christia leave. Tomorrow morning her and her family will be heading out to the great state of Iowa in order for her husband to complete Medical School. I cant complain because I know we will have a great Doctor in Washington when they get back! But still, we all have babies around the same age so the selfishness in me wants her to stay so we can continue our weekly playdates :(Thank goodness for blogs/internet to keep us connected right?? Tonight we went to our favorite resturant (Sakuras) with our good friends Chris and Angela (and Truitt!) it was so nice being able to have "adult" conversations without interruptions! While we were there, we ran into my "bestie" Katie and her boyfriend Jason! I had no idea she was planning on going tonight and it was quite a pleasant surprise to see them! Whats even better...she manages Old Navy and picked up Jacob some new jeans!! I have been waiting forever for a new pair of jeans b/c all of his have holes or are too small! Thank you thank you Katie!! and also even better....Jason took care of our tab!!! We were definatley spoiled tonight and cant thank them enough for doing that for us!!

Now, onto baby news...I went in this morning for another NST (Non-Stress Test) which she passed again so which allows us to continue with the induction tomorrow. I am so anxious to meet her and hold a newborn again! Like I've said before, I would love to see you all while Im there! (Tacoma General) nothing like seeing a familiar face in a not so familiar setting. And I may go stir crazy staring at the retro 80's looking wallpaper :) I will try and send text messages and or update the blog/myspace during the day...hopefully it wont take too long but we'll see...thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers as they mean SO much to us.

Next time you read this we'll be a family of 4....Eeekkkk!!!!!

Love, Keren

100% Edible...and delicious too!

Doesnt Steve look good!?!

Mom and Baby girls!!

Dance floor complete with DJ, Fog machine and lights!!


Amy said...

Congratulations! Post pictures as soon as you can! :) Love you!

Angela Miller said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet little Norah!!!

Itty Bitty said...

Good luck to you!! :)