Thursday, July 17, 2008

Norah's Eviction Notice: Date set- July 22

Well as you can tell, Im still here...and pregnant. :) Go figure! We had some good friends out of town on vacation this week so Im convinced she was waiting for them to get back!! I was given an ultrasound to make sure her fluid levels were where they are supposed to be and also given a NST (Non-Stress Test) which is very common in babies that are overdue. Its basically 2 monitors attached to my belly and it measures the strength of my contractions to Norah's heartrate. It was amazing to watch and hear. I had to do it for 20 minutes and she passed with flying colors!! (Thats my girl!!) My Dr likes to have them done every 4-5 days until she's born so Im scheduled to do another on Monday. It was amazing to hear her heartrate increase as I was contracting...what a peaceful sound!! I just watched the machine and started daydreaming about what shes going to look like and who's personality she's going to was a nice 20 minutes of just reflection on this whole pregnancy. I thought my water broke this morning...unfortunatley I was wrong but she did test it to make sure. Oh well...thats the story of my life!! I am scheduled for an induction on Tuesday the 22nd. We are supposed to call that morning at 6am to find out what time we should "check in". On call for the first part of the day is a Dr I have not met before but from what I've heard, he's wonderful and funny and has a great personality. Im excited to meet him! That evening my Doctor is on call which Im really excited for!! I love her so much and am going to be very sad when I dont get to see her on these weekly visits anymore!! When we were talking today I was encouraged by the fact that shes more "tolerant" when it comes to inductions on vbacs shes more willing than other Doctors to let me labor longer as long as there's some sort of progress. I guess a lot of times Doctors are more "conservative" when it comes to how long we can labor (re: vbac inductions) she even mentioned that it can take up to 48 hours...I'll be as patient as I have to be as long as Norah remaines strong. Jacobs labor lasted 36 hours so whats 12 more?? (Joking!) Im hopeful that since Im already at a 2 that will help kick things into motion on Tuesday. When I was induced with Jacob I was at a 0 and it seemed to take forever to just get to the 2 marker. Prayer had been a very intrical part of my life these last few months and I just continue to put all of my trust in God because he is the ultimate physician and is in complete control. I know he wont put me in a situation that I cannot handle and I have an amazing sense of peace because of it. Faith is awesome!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Keren,
we are home, I can't believe you are still pregnant!! Tomorrow is your big day and you will finally have your precious Norah. Get some rest today, by your pictures, it looks like everythings ready!! Love, Sara