Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Making History...

Well I'm still here...and dont feel any different ... Im beginning to think I will be the 1st woman in history to be pregnant forever!! I called my Drs office to "confirm" an induction date and as the nurse read back the notes my Dr had writted it said "Keren may go up to 42 weeks, as long and patient and baby are doing fine" ...the nurse looked in the "books" and my name is not written down for the 18th..or 22nd...so Im assuming I could potentially go to the 24th (which would be 42 weeks exactly..) I should get some kind of reward for this eh? :) j/k! I am getting a reward...Norah!! Ouch...42 weeks seems like an eternity...especially since she was due on the 10th!! It doesnt help when my friend Colleen who wasnt due until today had her baby boy last week...(yes, a week early) and Amberlyn is contracting with her little boy and isnt due until the begininning of August!! Ah!! Ok...vent over with :)
Today my dad and I (and Jacob) went to the Point Defiance Zoo for an outing and lunch!! It was a lot of fun and I can really appreciate the membership my parents bought for us back at Christmas...its come in handy quite a bit! The new meerkat exhibit is open now so we were able to show Jacob a new part of the zoo. He got quite a kick of them and thought they were "kitties"...hard to explain to a 21 month old the difference...so we played along :)
Thanks to the MOPS leadership board, I am getting a hour long pregnancy massage tonight at 6pm!! I cannot wait!! Im hopeful that maybe my therapist has "the touch"! We'll see :) My friend Stepheni has already told me she's got money on Norah's arrival in the next 24 hours....I can only hope right?? Well Im going to pick up the house a bit before Steven gets home...here are a few of my favorite pictures from today at the zoo! :)


Michelle said...

Hey, we were at the zoo today, too! From about 10:30-1:30. Wasn't it nice out? Just barely not too hot. Well, I hope Norah comes soon! Hang in there!!

Jessica Morrish said...

Hey Keren! I'm glad you are keeping everyone posted on what's going on. After Norah finally does get here, I wanted to stop by and bring you guys some dinner. My home email is tmorrish@centurytel.net. When she gets here, let me know what time is good and what kind of food you guys like/don't like and I'll drop it by. Good luck and take care!

Kara & Colin said...

How did you make such an adorable background on your blog? I absolutely love it!