Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still Here...Unfortunatley!!

Well I'd must admit, I wish I wasnt here typing this because I really thought last night was much for getting my hopes up!! I was pumped full of primrose oil, bounced on the birthing ball, ate mexican food for lunch, walked 6 laps at the Supermall, (and a few other things...) and when we got home I was having regular Braxton Hicks just sitting down. I thought it wouldnt hurt to call and just find out when the best time to come in is...I explained to the nurse I was at 2-3 cms, had my membranes stripped on Thursday and in week 39 with baby number 2. She said don't ignore the "braxton hicks" because to them, they are still contractions. I was told to drink some fluids and see if they go away. That way I will know if they are "real" or not...they were never painful, just full of pressure and when I went to bed, I was able to fall asleep right away, not a good sign! If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, Im still feeling them today so they havent gone away. The nurse also explained that since Im a vbac candidate, that I shouldnt wait as long at home and should come to the hospital soon after anything happens. This whole experience is so weird for me because with Jacob, I never even dilated, let alone felt a contraction until I was in the hospital for an induction. So I feel like a first time mom again...Im asking all my friends "labor" questions and thankfully they are all being so helpful!! I really just wish either my water would just break, or my contractions would become painful (odd requests, I know) hehe. That way I'll know...this waiting game stinks!!
Come out Norah!!! Daddy is working in Burien all next week and the drive home will take forever!

Will keep you all posted...

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Anonymous said...

Keren.....remember I told you that having Norah during V.B.S. isn't good for ME!!!!!!!! Remember, I need your mom to teach a class ALL WEEK! So if you could please fit this into your plans, I would be most appreciative!!!!!!
Anytime after 12:00p.m. on the 11th or Saturday will work well for me, and I think Norah and your parents would like it better anyway........and, you wouldn't have to worry about Steve getting home in time if you had her NEXT Saturday!!!!!!!!!!
So get off your birthing ball, quit eating Mexican,and just lay around this week......okay?
Wendy E.