Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking for a good book???

Make sure to check out the most recent link I've added to my page (on the right hand side) you can preview the newest book coming out from The Miller Brothers! Chris and Allan are full of amazing talent and we are so lucky to have them at our church and even more lucky to be able to call them our great friends!! They've also written 2 other awesome books geared towards the younger crowd (see pictures below) Congratulations to you both on your 3rd book!! We can't wait for the book signing this Saturday and I wouldnt be surprised if this one shot to the top of the NY Times Bestseller list! Look out Tom Clancy and Stephen King...
the Miller Brothers are here to stay!!

I can even get your copy autographed!!
To read more about the book and for more bonus features go

(PS: I had to eat a piece of shrimp (ick!) on a dare in order to be the inspiration for the girl on the cover of the Hunter Brown book! Whoo Hoo!! Thats my claim to fame!)


Christopher Miller said...

Ah gee - thanks for the awesome post Keren. Aren't you glad you ate that shrimp? It was yummy! Can't wait to spend some more time with Norah soon!

Christopher Miller said...

Eat the shrimp! You know you want it!