Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stripped...the sequel

(Tonights post comes with a disclaimer. Most of you know that I dont hold back any details so for those of you with a "less graphic mindset", you may want to skip todays it might be a little "too much")

Yes, stripped again...I think....from what my Dr. told me today, I wasnt officially stripped last week. On a happier note, she did say I was between a 2 and 3 (she told me when she's able to get 2 fingers in my cervix it usually correlates to a 2-3cm) and that to not worry about what the other Dr. told me last week about not being dilated at all. That made me feel better because I thought how in the world could she be slipping back up?? She didnt really go into a lot of detail about what she was doing today just that I had "progressed". She didnt say weather I was effaced or not, or what station she was in, but she did seem pleased. A little later I tried to hint and see if she was able to strip my membranes and from what she said, I got the impression she was able to...I did feel a little pressure/crampy afterwards which is different then usual. I think I lost part of my mucus plug tonight too...from what I've been reading it can come out in stages/parts and from what I saw tonight, I can assume its starting to break away. Im doubtful she will come tomorrow but can only hope :) Steven and I are going to walk the neighborhood a couple of times and I've got the ball to bounce on...Im just praying the Evening Primrose Oil and the "other stuff" will encourage something! I have to have another Group B Strep test next thurs (my due date) if I have not had her b/c it will have been 4 weeks and things can change so she wants to make sure Im still negative. I was able to see Norah today on the ultrasound!! She wanted to make sure she was head down, which she was and also check my fluid levels, which were also good. She still is willing to go through with the VBAC as of now, but come next week and the week after she will chat with me more about an induction vs c-section. She will let me go 41-42 weeks without an induction but she said if at any point I get too uncomfortable, to let her know and we'll do the c-section. My Dr's husband is being deployed to Korea very soon so shes not doing a lot of on call shifts at the hospital, which bums me out.. but she said she'll be back on track in the next week, so if there is any "bonus" in having her a little later, there is a way better chance MY doctor will deliver her :)I met Carly and Christia at Dash Point State Park on Monday and had a great time. The water was so nice and warm (and a little but the boys had a blast playing and splashing in the water and digging in the sand! I got to go to Kate's baby shower on Monday night and see little Hudson! It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing some little boy clothes for the first time in awhile! Tuesday I had yet another baby shower to go to for my friend Amberlyn, who is also having a little boy (Ben!) She and I are in MOPS together and also a part of the craft team so needless to say planning/organizing the crafts for this years group may prove to be a little challenging!! At least they'll still be in the newborn stage...(aka the easy stage!) :) Wednesday, I met up with Katie at the Tacoma Mall for a little mall walk...we had a lot of fun and scored some amazing deals (I was finally able to go to The Pumpin Patch and get a few outfits for Norah)...great sale by the way!! That night, Steven and I joined Chris and Angela for a night at the ball park (aka Safeco Field)!! Our seats were amazing and we had a blast, even though they did close the roof due to rain/lightening...I have a new obsession for Garlic Fries...oh my!!! We also ran into my friend Suzanne who was also at the game with her family! (Small small world!) So after hot dogs, nachos, garlic fries, pizza and yes, a cup of cheese sauce all to myself...we all had very satisfied tummys! Needless to say this week has been a lot of fun, despite the humid/sticky weather!! Now that its starting to cool off outside Im off to walk the dog and "help move things along" I hope!


PS: I must apologize for not answering my phone lately...a.) I havent programmed my bluetooth so I havent been able to chat while Im driving and b.) I've overused my minutes, yet unless Norah comes on the weekend, we'll be contacting everyone on Stevens phone!! Or else I may see a cell phone bill as much as my hospital bill!! Text messaging works the best...and theres always myspace/facebook/blogspot!!!
Here are a couple pictures of Angela and I last night!!

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