Monday, July 28, 2008

Norahs first trip to the Dr...and the mall!!

(Our first trip to the mall together!)

When Jacob was born I waited 4 days before introducing him to his other house...aka "The Mall!" so it was only fair that Norah should get to visit her home away from home at 4 days old too! Here is a picture of our first of many mall outings!! I have been taking full advantage of Steven being home the last week. We've been going out as much as possible because I know that with 2 kids and no double stoller, things could get crazy!! Steven has been amazing! This morning for example, he got Jacob ready and made breakfast, he vaccumed the downstairs, did the laundry, made the bed, picked up the house and made sure Norah and I had everything we needed. He even cleaned up my mess and managed to get some good quality play time in with Jacob!! He is "Mr. Mom!" I am so thankful for his willingness to help out, he has no idea what it means to me!! On Friday, Stepheni stopped by with her son Brandon right about the same time Steves aunt and uncle came by to visit Norah, from Shelton about the same time my parents came by to drop off Jacob (and see Norah :) . Chris, Stevens brother stayed the night with us on Thursday which was nice because they guys got to play Guitar Hero all night while I blogged :) (Jacob stayed the night at my parents house) It was a nice peaceful evening and we were able to unpack and get things organized before Jacob came home!! My dad bought us a beautiful cake from the Cake Studio (at Freighthouse Square) thats where we got our wedding cake and still do this day is my favorite!! (See picture below) Also, check out the beautiful flowers given to my by Danielle, Renee and my parents. I wish I could keep them forever, for now, a picture will have to do. I have been so blessed with overwhelming support from my friends and family. I really cant express how much each and every phone call, text message, email and visit means to me!! I cant believe we have dinners being brought to our house for over the next 2 weeks!! Steven is one happy camper :) God has blessed me with some amazing friends. Period. We went to church yesterday and I was surprised when I was able to hear 80% of the sermon!! From there, we did our weekly grocery shopping and came home just in time for naps!! Today was Norahs first Drs appt! My dad came over to watch Jacob and that made our trip to the Dr a whole lot easier!! She went from weighing 8lbs 14oz at birth to dropping to 8lbs 7oz so when they weighed her today and she was at 9lbs 0.5oz the Dr was very pleased!! She asked what I was feeding her and I said cream :) She loves to eat eat eat...and eat! She grew 1/2 of an inch too, Norah is in the 90th percentile for height and weight and 60th percentile for head circumfrence. We were very happy! Norah has slept through the night since she was born which has been wonderful...often I will wake up and make sure she's still breathing!! I get so huge and sore I want to wake her up to feed her...lets just say I put Pamela Anderson to shame!! hehe. Jacob has been awesome with her...(so far) He really doesnt pay too much attention to her. Once in awhile he'll come up to her and point out her body parts and he's quite interested in her umbilical cord. I think it grosses him out :) he's never done anything to hurt her which is good..but I have noticed he wants to cuddle with me more. I wont complain. I love holding him! I never thought it would be so easy to love another little baby just as much as I loved Jacob but God makes the room in your heart and I can easily see how some women have these big families, children are a special gift from God and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with 2 healthy beautiful babies, I make sure to thank God every night for them and Steven for who I couldnt ask for as a better daddy to our kids!! I often wish they would stay newborns forever...but then I wouldnt have a shopping partner in crime!! :)Speaking of shopping...Stevens offered to watch Jacob while I take Norah to the we go!!
(The cake my parents bought us!)
(The beautiful lillies from Danielle!)
(The adorable tag made by Renee)
(Beautiful flowers from my parents and Renee!)
* I cant go without thanking Carly for the wonderful food she brought us at the hospital, as well as Stepheni who took the amazing pictures of Norah as well as brought Steven Pita Pit for lunch, the wine and balloon from Suzie and Andy and the adorable outfit from Chris and Angela and last but not least Pam and Christy for arranging all of these wonderful meals! :) You all are the sweetest!!

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I'm seriously in awe of you. in AWE!! 4 days??!! My vag was in no shape to stand for that long at that point lol