Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is the 3rd time a charm....??

I must say that today's appt couldnt have gone any better!!! Well, besides the fact of Norah already being here :) I had a great conversation with my Dr. and she assured me that Im still a great candidate for the vbac. I was sure she was going to start talking about scheduling a c-section and the thought of it was really discouraging. Thankfully when she checked me, I was definatley at a 2 and she officially STRIPPED MY MEMBRANES!! I can officially say it!! the 3rd time a charm?? We'll see!! I could definatley feel a difference from last weeks "attempted stripping" to todays. I had a repeat Group B Strep screen today because after 5 weeks weeks they go "bad" so she just wants to make sure Im still testing negative for that. If I wasnt they'd have to give me antibiotics during labor to prevent me passing it to Norah. Thankfully, I was negative the first time so Im hoping the results are still the same. OK so on with the "next step"...My Dr is completely comfortable letting me go until 41 weeks (July 17th) she told me most babies will usually show within a week of their due dates and when they dont, there's usually a reason and thats why an induction would be done. From talking to a lot of people, its fairly uncommon to be induced for a vbac. For some Dr's its "riskier" and they dont want to take the chance so I feel super blessed to have my Dr. who, as long as Norah is doing great, is comfortable inducing me! (Hence, the great appt today!) I was thinking..ugh...I was sure we were going to be talking scheduled c-section today, but to my surprise we talked induction dates!! I really would love my Dr. to be there for the delivery and her upcoming hospital shifts are Friday the 18th and Tuesday the 22nd. I like the idea of going in on a Friday night because Steven automatically gets 2 "free" days off with Saturday and Sunday, plus my Mom gets Fridays off...the only positive about waiting until the 22nd is that there is that chance she will come on her own and we can avoid the induction. So part of me would love to "chance" it. Im still feeling great, havent hit the uncomfortable stage yet...Im not sure I will because Im so desperate to have her without a C-section Im willing to wait as long as she wants to!! Im also not as big with her as I was with Jacob...I know hard to believe (hehe) but Im still down 15lbs compared to the day I had Jacob. I actually lost 4 pounds this last week...must have been the substitution of apple juice/water mix vs. the Coke. It just wasnt hitting the spot on the hot days we've been having lately. Yesterday Morgan invited Jacob and I to Costco to browse around and get some lunch, to our surprise we ran into our good friend Stepheni who made little name badges for her daughter Sophia and Jacob. They're official Costco employees now!! We went back to her condo and enjoyed an afternoon at the was pure bliss!! The water was warm and the kids (and mommies) enjoyed eating popcicles and lounging in the water! Jacob loved it so much he finally got to the point of running and jumping into the pool with no assistance!! (Of course I was right there and made sure he came up right we just have to work on keeping our eyes closed under water!) But we all had a great time and Im so grateful to Morgan for allowing us to come over!! Tonight my Mom and Baby group are meeting for dinner at a local Mexican Restruant...Im so excited and am hoping that the spicy food, mixed in with a little stripping of the membranes may start a little motion in the ocean!!

Well...Jacobs decided to wake up from his nap...time to get ready!!
::Will keep you posted!!::

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J&G's Mommy said...

Keren I sincerely hope that Norah comes before we move. :) Hang in there girl.