Sunday, December 9, 2007


The seahawks are once again the reigning NFC west champions!!! Yesssss!!!! Look out playoffs here we come!!!....(I'll get back to that...) Friday I went to lunch with steven and then got ready for my night at christys....without giving too much away we had sooo much fun...we did a gift exchange...took some cute :) and ate food and laughed and laughed and just had a great time with each Saturday we did some more christmas shopping and with waking up at 10:30 and not getting to the mall until after 12:00 by the time we got home it was after 3 and so we put Jake down, watched a movie, washed my car and then had to get ready for our big dinner at the Melting Pot with our friends chris and was so fun getting dressed up!...(but not so much in the 30 degree weather!) lol it was worth it though!...With being as truthful as possible...I loved the service and I had a great time with our friends...the food didnt impress me....I dont know if thats b/c im pregnant and food isnt my biggest fan at the moment but i was expecting the food to blow my socks off...and it didnt...i could pay 75.00 less and get just as full in 30 mins as it took us to get in 3 hours...i know i sounds like i wasnt happy...i really had a blast but if it wasnt for the gift card we got i'd never spend that kind of money on food but seriously it was a blast...and i know now how to "fondue!" lol My parents took jake for the night so we were going to go to the casino but after dinner we were all tired so we went home and attempted to watch a movie...i was so tired i barely made it through the first half hour! lol This morning we both had to wake up early...for steve it was go to early service at church to pick up jake and for me it was to get to christys house (first starbucks though) to get ready for the game! By the time we got into her truck to leave it was snowing and sticking...made for some great pics! I truly underestimated how cold it was going to be!!! going to the game...invest in some handwarmers!!! lol or deion branch gloves! I cant explain how much fun i had...I will truly never forget today! The atmosphere of "true" seahawk fans is amazing...I had no idea how many people get to the game so early!!! We were there a few hours before the game and STILL had to park far because of the people that decided to either stay the night or get there at the crack of dawn! It was awesome! Going through tailgate heaven all you could see was rv after rv full of people having fun, eating food, drinking beer, watching tv, listening to music and just having a great time! I wish I could do that every home game! From there we went to touchdown city where we "attempted" to get our faces painted...unfortunatley we were mere seconds too late and they shut down...we were pretty bummed but never the less found some black face paint and streaked under our eyes! The sound of the "12th man" was amazing! (I can definatley see why we lead the league in false starts!) So to sum things up this was an awesome weekend full of ..did you see my pics from the awesome were the seats????? I owe it all to Christy and her dad...THEY ROCK!!!! Truly an experience of a lifetime! Thanks babe


Amy said...

Yay! An official blog! I love the pictures! Thanks for the link!

Amy said...

I made your link on my blog now! Love ya!