Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thank you thank you everyone for your wonderful bday wishes!! I have some great friends :) duh! the sad thing is that im now officially in my "mid-twenties" .... :( yikes...oh well...what can ya do??? lol Since I havent blogged since sunday let me fill you in....ummm...monday we went to our favorite joint...aka sakuras...for those of you that havent been there...its "da bomb!" lol never seems to get old either...and the prices are awesome! went to the parents house and played favorite game :) I cant remember what I did during the day...(ahhh prego Tues I woke up not feeling good...It may have been the dinner from the night but dont let that stop you...i just overate! So unfortunatley I had to pass our our weekly mommy and baby activity of the tree farm...and from what I've read I heard it was an "interesting" later that day I met my bff...katie who happened to have the day off...we went to the mall and to arby's *yet another prego craving...arbys regular french fries with honey mustard sauce.... oh yeah! so at the mall i didnt find much...but katie bought me the cutest bag from bath and body works...i dont know if you guys have seen them or not but they come in tan or brown and they are lined with sheep sheep even have fur? anyways they are perfect for carry on luggage when traveling....I cant wait to use it! thanks girl! I picked up a couple of things for our "favorite thing" 10.00 gift exchange we are having tomorrow really excited about what i got because they are really honest to goodness my 2 favorite things and they were 10.00 exactly!! lol tues night was just me cause steve was at another side job so i had a date night with jake :) wednesday we had mops and I was given a one hour pregnancy massage as a gift!! How flippin cool!?? I didnt even know they had "pregnancy massages!!" I can only imagine how nice thats going to feel when its june and im huge and its hot out....i cant wait~! I was also given a gift card to 7-11!! Slurpees baby!!...just like my favorite food on the planet...i would like to meet mr. slurpee someday and tell him how happy I am he created matter what kind of day im having they always taste good!!...we made these adorable cookie mixes that go in a jar and you can give them as a gift or use them on your own...i love it! I have a feeling I will be a Mop mommy for as long as possible! Im really enjoying myself and love learning these new crafts and tips! Jake was so funny; we had a childrens librarian come in and talk about how important reading/playing/singing with your child is and at the end she gave us a free book!...but we also gathered up the kids and sang some fun songs well my son decided to go to the center of the circle and show off his dancing moves while all of the other mommies and babies clapped along...i was laughing so hard i was crying! was very sweet to see him getting so into it! lol We had church on wed night which its always fun to see my JV girls...we are planning a day trip to seattle with them on the 20th! that will be a fun trip! so that brings me to today....I "thought" i was just going to get a pedicure...yeah...i was wrong...I met Katie at her house and we went to lunch...(off the subject...katie was blowing her nose into a napkin and jake wanted to do it he grabbed a napkin, put it to his nose and spit into it making the same sound katie did...once again i was crying from laughing...) ok back to the subject, we dropped jake off after lunch and we got out toes done...and a full set of nails put on....and our eyebrowns waxed, and spray tanned...i definatley got to feel like a girl today!! I may do that every all ready for girls know what im talking about but i dont want any snooping hubbys reading this so I cant say anymore! we went to an awesome mexican resturant for dinner with our good friends heather and ben and we got to see their new house...and kitty :) I am so happy they finally have a house...I know its going to look adorable!! oh yeah...2 crazy good things happened...i was out of MAC eyeshadow and i was telling katie what color it was and she was like...oh i think i have that color and i dont even use it...let me was the same exact color and she just gave it to me so i didnt have to buy a new one!! also...when we went to hollywood video to rent 2 movies...I got both of them free instead of 1...the guy said he'd never seen that before!! how cool!! lol its the little things in life! lol well my night is coming to an end but what a fun filled day I had!! thanks again everyone for the wonderful wishes :) love you all!Keren!

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