Monday, December 10, 2007


Holy tiredness!!...either the game totally kicked my bum or i've gone into hibernation....ahhh...i hate dark winter days...i need a jump dont drink that...caffiene??...nope can't drink that...tanning?? ...out of the question...I guess I'll install some "happy" lighting in our house...isnt that supposed to get you up and going??? lol i know i know you guys are going to laugh at me but im soooo excited michael vick is going to be spending the next 23 months in prison!!!! Finally a "celebrity" getting what they deserve...what I couldnt believe is all the fans "supporting" him tonight on the monday night football game...?!?! Whats up with that?? He's already admitted to killing what is there to "support" about that??? Honestly though I really hope he learns his lesson and comes out a different was a pretty boring day...i think i was still in recovery and my body was still thawing out after the game yesterday! Jake and I didnt wake up until nearly 11...we had to rush to get ready and meet steven for lunch...came home and read stories and played...took naps..(yes...both of played more, steven came home and we challenged each other to tetris tournaments..yes i know...we're nerds...we play against each other online...its great...except for when we get so into it Jake ends up on a card table or tearing apart my scrapbooking stuff...I guess thats our hint he's wanting mommy and daddy well like I said..kind of a boring day...but thats ok...we need those every once in awhile!!

Until tomorrow!


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