Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Wow...this is the first time i've had a second in nearly 3 days!! Im sure you can all relate! Christmas started early with us on Sunday with the celebration held at his cousins house and all of his side of the family joining in the fun and festivites as well as SO much food! much for the 5 pounds i'd lost so far! lol I guess its better than being nauseous! Everyone got wonderful gifts and we all had a wonderful time! Monday was especially exciting for us b/c we got to see our little "bean" up close! The tech said everything looked great...there was only 1 and the back of the neck showed no possibility of any downs syndrome (apparantley they can measure the back of the neck and along with some blood work they are able to give you pretty accurate probability of your chances of having a baby with DS) ..not like we would have done anything if it did come back positive....but anyhoots he/she was so wiggly we even saw it doing back bends multiple times! The heartrate was 150 something...ahh..I cant remember...after that we were off to do a finger prick...more genetic testing stuff...(not just for me...this is a test that is given to anyone who wants it...we're just curious to know...) then it was time to meet with dr dashow...praise the lord he told us his not to worry...he doesnt see anything happening in this pregnancy that worries him...his wife actually got this same thing with their 3rd child! How coincidential!?! ...he's all for letting me try VBAC (with my original dr.) and we wont need to see him anymore! ...(as long as my levels dont go up!)...the levels are based on ratios ex: 1:1 1:2 1:4 1:6 1:8 1:10 1:20 1:40 1:60 have been measuring at 1:less than 1 thats great...we dont want it to get 1:10 or higher...anyways everything looked we'll definatley still keep on praying but this was a huge praise!! So in a nutshell that was my personal Christmas gift... :) monday afternoon we took my dad to lunch b/c he'd been watching jake all night and we just wanted to thank him...we also came back that night and played board games and stayed the night at their house...(with buddy..our dog too!) so we were all able to wake up together on Christmas day! ...that and the fact our house still isnt complete so it definatley brought the holiday spirit back! Christmas morning we all came downstairs and turned on the heaters and the christmas music my dad read from the Bible explaining the story of Christmas to was so precious!! Then we all opened our presents..I must thank Danielle and Stepheni for the idea of making the photo book on was such a huge hit...I even got the grandmas crying!! :) I was able to find a nintendo wii thanks to michelle so steven was in shock when he opened it...he thought for sure i was unable to find one! My favorite present was my parents paying for the hotel that we are staying in in San Fransisco...its literally 5 going to be ashamed to even wear jean! Thanks to my cousin who works at a nearby hotel for hooking us up at a great price!!...but for us its a free vacation! we used our airline miles on our credit card to get the plane tickets and now this!! nothings better than a free vacation...well kinda...were on our own for food and i cant wait to go to saks 5th ave and neiman marcus...i always go just to get a! We probably wont be going to the zoo down there though...did you hear about the tiger that escaped and killed a man last night?!?! crazy! Oh mom also got us a 1 year zoo membership...for up here of course...and we can bring up to 3 guests at a time! So if anyone is interested I love to go on a zoo play date!! lol after that we went to steves parents house with my parents for dinner...very yummy!!! It was a wonderful time as always and we were sad to see the day had its high points and its low points...let me explain in a nutshell
high: *Got my perfume I wanted
*Got my Victorias Secret sweats I wanted
*Found a funny card
*Got to go to Sakuras for dinner
*Got to see Katie and Jason

*Got pulled over for "running a red light" ...seriously I didnt run it...and then after the fact he gave me my ticket...he saw I was an EMT and said that it was just common courtsey and if he'd of known that he wouldnt have written me the ticket...grr....he was like..I never may be doing CPR on me someday...I dont want you to be mad at me...I tried to laugh...but I was mad...
*Left my motherhood maternity giftcard at home
*Didnt get to see Michelle even though we were at the same

anyways im writing way too much so Im off to at you all later!!!


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