Sunday, December 30, 2007


Ok so I just have to share a proud mommy moment...I know...I'm sorry to bore you all but this whole blogging thing helps me remember things I may have a chance to write down!...So anyways we were in the bathtub tonight and he sees his rubber duck...and immediately he points to it and says "quack quack quack quack ect" he's been doing that for about a week now but I havent written about but wait theres more...hes been blowing bubbles in the water but just lately he's been sticking his whole head in and doing it until he runs out of breath and he knows to bring his head up for struggle at all! I cant wait to do swim lessons with him this spring...(we're looking into getting a YMCA membership!) just when you think im he's been pointing to his 10 month pictures and saying "ball, ball!" b/c he's holding a football...and...on the body wash we use he's been finding the kitty and saying kitty and then anddddd...steve was wearing an LSU sweatshirt with a tiger somewhat hidden on it and jake found it and said...kitty da da...kitty! as well as the dog on steves gonzaga hat is now a dog..ruff I know im corney but I havent nearly been blogging about jake as much as I've wanted to so Im going to keep *my families read this so they like to keep current as well :) ..jake now goes up to us and locates our belly buttons and when he finds a book he likes he will run it up to you and he loves to sit up on your lap while you read to him...(with him turning the pages of course!) ...he will run as far back as possible in order to get a running start to "get" he barrels into us as we overdramatize our thrill!...He says "vroom vroom" as he pushes the trucks around the floor and loves chicken nuggets, slurpees (wonder who he got that from) and orange julius' and most of all the playyard at the Tacoma mall..for some reason he knows when we're there and gets so happy to play with the other kids...oh yeah...he doesnt really like tv...that is unless we are watching football or basketball..he'll sit on our laps for quite awhile as we try and explain in 14 month old terms what's going on...(hey now...its never to early to learn the fundamentals of sports!) :) throwing the ball, dancing, coloring, playing grandmas piano, and brushing our teeth are also some of our favorite things to do!...So yeah..that pretty much sums his last few months up...I finally posted a few pics of my ever so growing tummy....I got really excited today at wal mart when I saw all of the Valentines day stuff up...I thought yay! its just around the corner and we'll know what we are having! Today jakes cousin Kalena had her 3rd bday party so we all went to that! Steves brother stayed the night last night and he helped us move some stuff into the house as well as hook up the Wii...the boys managed to slip in a few games while I visited my friend in the hospital again...brought back many memories! We went and put the Old Country Buffet out of business for dinner last night and the funniest thing happened...I had a roll covered in cheese sauce (of course) and I thought Jake wanted he started playing with it...Steve thought it would be funny to call the roll and ball...bad soon as jake heard that he said ball??? ...and chucked in right into my fresh bowl of ice cream complete with toppings .. :( the guys and I were crying from laughing so hard was truly priceless...tomorrow I get to see my friend i havent seen in way too long and thurs I get to see another long lost friend for lunch and then on friday its yet another lunch date! ...busy busy week but looking forward to it!...sorry for all the rambling...its been awhile!...goodnight!

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Amy said...

Keep the Jacob stories going, I love them! He is soooo adorable! That last picture of him makes him look so old!