Monday, December 17, 2007


PTL PTL PTL PTL!!! (Praise the Lord!) ...I got my results back for this months blood test and there was NO rise in the levels!!!!!!....I am so happy but yet so nervous for next month...(Man this is going to be a long pregnancy!)...but well worth it!! Saturday we went over to my parents to take our Christmas picture...its ok i we got the point (we love 8!) we all headed up to costco and looked around and got some yummy lunch! from there i took jake to meet santa at the tacoma mall while steve came back home to work on the house...he did a wonderful job...(especially when santa gave him a candy cane to eat) they were bonded from then on! unfortunatley the pics wasnt all that great cause jake was more concerned about eating his new treat than smiling...but at least santa didnt freak him out...he even "petted" his outfit and either said...pretty...or kitty...either which made sense but they sound so identical i couldnt omgoodness today he found my powder and he grabbed it and took the applicator and started to rub it on his was sooo funny...steven was embarrassed but he's 13 months for goodness sake...i sure got a kick out of it...saturday night we went to my best friends annual Christmas party...always a wonderful time with fun people and great food...her family will be moving this spring so from now on it will be Christmas in july at their new beach it was a bittersweet ending to an amazing annual event! Sunday was church...and then the game..yeah...i wont go there...that was dissapointing....fortunatley I am going to the final 2 with our fantasy football league!! Im so psyched about it...the only girl in the league...that deserves some bragging rights...right?? lol Sunday night was our Christmas program at our was so amazing to see the talent of our church all come together...i cant wait for jacob to go on stage...(maybe next year?) and ring the bells just so steven and i and his grandparents can get that 30 second videocamera footage and those priceless camera its such a photo-op for I cant wait for my turn!! Today we ran some a much needed oil change...(mananged to fit in a jalapeno popper/slurpee/beef jerkey stick run to arbys and 7-11) ...steven came home and we left to dinner with our friends chris and angela...and man was it good...sorry katie...our reservations were at 5:30...8:30 was going to be too late...(past jakes bedtime) next week though! ...and afterward we did some shopping together at the tacoma mall...and now thanks to angela i want peanut butter frangos!! ..delicious!..we were hoping that walking around the mall was going to start labor...hopefully i will hear from her later to see if it worked! lol ....I can relate..the last month feels like forever!!! so thats pretty much it...from tomorrow on we've got an amazingly busy schedule up until Christmas day but I will sure try and keep you all posted on my "status!"
...until tomorrow...(hopefully),


Amy said...

Yay! I'm so happy! Sorry we weren't home last night, I would've loved to see you all! I needed some Chevy's chips and salsa! I didn't even hear my phone! Next time! We still haven't been to Sakuras, it just doesn't seem right to go without you. Call us next time you go!

tuesdaymom said...

Happy for the good results! Sounds like you're getting some good food these days. Fun stuff!