Saturday, December 22, 2007


Ok my fault it's been like 5 days...I will try and condense as much as possible....tuesday we had a playdate at renees house and like always it was so much fun...along with wonderful food and great pictures to show for it...(literally!) we got there at 4 and ended up staying until past midnight!! but it was all worth the lack of sleep we all got the next day! Wednesday I was supposed to go to MOPS but instead steven accidentally took my only set of car keys with him to work out past eatonville and he couldnt bring them back to me otherwise he'd of lost his job so thankfully my dad ran up and met him and brought the keys back to me...phew...but he didnt get to my house until almost 11 so I was so upset i didnt get to go...we only get to meet 1 time every 2 weeks and we were all ready and sitting in my car...(we ususally dont wake up until after 10 so for us to be ready to go by 9:15 and no where to drive was upsetting!) *maybe it was the pregnancy hormones? lol we were able to run some errands though and get some things done! We went to church that night and had a great time with the youth group like always! Thursday along with doing some last minute Christmas shopping we chaperoned our JV (jr. high) up to Seattle...which started out great but ended very very late...we were supposed to eat dinner, play in the arcade and then take the ferry to and from bremerton...well all that was successful until we arrived in bremerton (around 10pm) and we find out that the next ferry doesnt leave for another 1 hour and 40 mins! So basically we werent getting back to Seattle until after midnight...(which the parents were told 10-11!) needless to say the adults were all exhausted but they kids did great! and we were in bed by 2am! (Jake stayed the night at my parents) ...friday I did some more shopping and steven had his Christmas party so he was off by 1...they fed him lunch and gave him a very generous bonus this year and a new drill (only something an elecrician can he could of had the airline tickets again)...but regardless we were very thankful for what the Lord provided! Afterwards we attended our 1st annual "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party at Ferrellis in Sumner and then went up to the Yella Beak in Buckley? Enumclaw? It was a lot of fun and some great pics will soon follow! (Jake stayed the night at my Today was spent wrapping Christmas took 4 hours! and thats with no to be torn open again in a few days...oh well...we ate some great Chinese food tonight from our local hotspot...aka Safeways' china express...but it was very yummy! The last couple of days i've been eating satsuma oranges like they are going out of that normal? lol we have our 1st ultrasound on Monday and for as excited as I am Im just as nervous but Im not the one in control and I just have to remember that!! So on that optimistic note...Im off...
*Go Seahawks!!



Amy said...

Ok, I was going to tell you that you look hot, but then I scrolled down to Steve's picture, and I think he might have you beat! :) Ryan loved his sweater! :) Oh, by the way, about a month ago I ate through almost 2 boxes of satsumas!

Amy said...

Congratulations on the Superbowl Championship!!! Way to go girlie! :)