Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A mother is out christmas shopping with her kids...all they say to her is "I want this...I want that" to everything...she soon gets stressed out and very frusturated at her childrens selfishness this goes on all day until she can't take it anymore extremely aggravated she walks into the elevator with her kids...shes had enough and shes ready to leave...she mumbles under her breath just loud enough...."whoever invented this christmas holiday needs to be shot"...the lady standing next to her hears her and says..."he was crucified..."
just something to think about...lets not forget what this holiday is truly about!

Thankfully today was quite productive...I managed to get up before 11 am and Jake woke up in a wonderful happy mood...(that always helps) We didnt have to eat out today because steven brought us home bagels and apples and a crunch bar (the kind with caramel in the center...) serious prego craving poor steven..he went to the store the other night to cure my need for an apple, a coke, a safeway bagel and a crunch bar...(being as smart as he is he brought me back 2 crunch bars knowing 1 wouldnt be enough!) lol and thanks to amy I am now wanting sourdough bread...mmmm...tomorrow night is a late birthday dinner with steves and my family at anthonys in olympia...ptl (praise the Lord) they have sourdough bread...thats basically the only reason i wanted to go... :) no one has bread like them! Forget the fish, salads, desserts...Im going for the bread! Laugh all you want but when you're pregnant and have an "addiction" ..."urge" ..."craving"...."need" states in part of pregnancy law that it needs to be fufilled or else you feel a void...annnnnyways....after eating a somewhat healthy lunch I played catch with jake and then we decided to hit up the "wal" in "wal mart" ...seriously you actually have to prepare yourself to go there...especially during this time of year...its a mental thing...especially with a toddler who is nearing a nap time...but we did it...we went and were done within an hour!!!...have of the time which was spent in line...grr...i wont go there... :) after that jake went down for a nap and i found my favorite online game...(besides tetris..) its called Gold Rush...i was able to download a free trial version and it made my day! When steven got home we had to get ready for church...made it there in decent time and had a great night at awana! for the amazing part...when we got home...we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned...(and swept, and taped off the walls) but the great thing is that our downstairs is clean! (its hard to imagine that it could ever get dirty considering we havent even lived downstairs since the beginning of oct but believe was filthy!!! so I am so excited to walk downstairs to a clean house!!! yesss!! And now its off to sure I'll sleep good kicked my bum!

Until tomorrow!

I know this is random but Im almost 110% sure we're going to have another boy...(which is totally fine!) but we didnt have any names...until I heard one on for whoever reads this please please honestly tell me what you think about the name...Hudson....I've never been a "unique" name person but steven and i both think we really like let me know if you agree...or not!


Amy said...

So does that mean you'll bring me some sourdough then?!

tuesdaymom said...

Just stalking by to say hello! Your post made me hungry. Almost made me want to be pregnant so I could have an excuse to demand food! Almost.