Thursday, December 13, 2007

12-13-07 that is the sound of a very content happy pregnant girl who just finished fufilling a craving!! I couldnt have asked for better sourdough bread myself!...moist, warm, and with just the perfect about of salted was delicious...the unfortunate thing is that it filled me up before the main courses it was so worth it though!! We celebrated my birthday tonight...yeah yeah a week late but we're all so busy this time of worked out perfect though....we went to anthonys home port in was beautiful and decorated so nicely for Christmas...I got some cute underwear from Victorias secret...(from my mommy!) and some matching "pink" sweats to lounge around it and a new memory card...a much bigger one and some bath was great and I hope everyone had a fun time...there was a new baby sitting behind us and every time she cried Jake got a look of concern and had to look and make sure she was was adorable :) as soon as we walked in to the restruant he said.."fish!" ...cause we'd been telling him the whole time there were going to be needless to say we didnt go into detail with him on the fact that they were dead and he was going to eat them! he also pointed at the Christmas tree and kept saying "pretty" lol it was very cute...oh more...he handed me the "butt paste" cream we used to use on him when he was little and I told him it was for when he was a baby and he set it on my tummy and said..."baby?" ...ok im done now with my little mommy moments :) until tomorrow...(oh yes..dr appt 11:20 please pray for low levels in the babys blood...they will be taking blood...again...(ugh!) Thank you!

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Amy said...

Jake is sooo adorable! I sat here all night waiting for some sourdough. . . :) Nice family pictures!