Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do I look like 'Dada" to you??

Well its been a long time...so much to write but not a lot of time...I'll keep it to a minimum!!...We had a wonderful time in San Francisco...we felt at home...the rain followed us down and it poured...wait scratch that...it flooded!!!...the funny thing is...Saturday it was like a summer day!!...the one and only day we had designated to shopping it was beautiful out...we didnt even need jackets...but they were too bulky we didnt want to hold on to them so we just wore them...it's like God parted the clouds and said..."Keren..have fun shopping!" ..lol...we went into Old Navy...and it was huge!!!...I found 2 pairs of maternity pants that were originally 36.50 and got them both for $2.79!!! They're way cute too!!..Picked up stuff for the whole family actually...my wonderful parents took Jacob for the day and let me, steven, and my cousin along with her awesome friend take on all of downtown San Francisco!!...We also went to GAP and I got a maternity sweater/jacket...that was originally 39.50 for 12.97!!...the great thing about that is that it totally doesnt look maternity so I'll be able to wear it for a long time!...I was sooo stoked getting those deals it completely made my day!!...We went to the Disney store and bought Jake a pair of Buzz Lightyear pjs for only 5.99 and tons of toy story stuff to add to my collection!!!...They've bascially gotten rid of all the Disney Stores around here so I definatley seized the opportunity!! I was on a mission to get Jacob some Puma shoes but we werent really impressed with the ones they had at the Puma store so we had to pass...but Im still looking up here now :) ..lol that night we ate at the Cheesecake Factory with my parents (and Jacob), uncle, cousin, Michelle (her friend) it was soooooo good!!...Throughout the trip we went to the aquarium and touched the sting rays..(rip- steve irwin) and the leopard sharks...jake loved it...we saw all of the sea lions sitting and chatting on the pier...Papa wanted to take him on the Merry go round and so we did that...ate at the Hard Rock Cafe...Mmmm...probably the best food the whole trip!!...For my uncles bday party we ate at the ritzy restruant..the bad thing was that it was pouring outside and jake wasnt willing to sit for that long of a time...the food was wonderful and we had a great time thanks to my mom my uncles g/f who took him downstairs to play...they charged 3.50 for a small glass of Coke--...with no refills!!!...Thankfully my uncle surprised us and paid for our dinner ...what a great guy!!...we ate lunch one day at Chevys...also very good food...and great service as well...there was a 7-11-- across the street from our hotel so I was in heaven!!..lol no pun intended..I posted a picture of the inside of our hotel...it was stunning...and because my parents are AAA members they gave us free breakfast...usually priced at 27.00/person!!!...it was soooo wonderful...fresh fruit, dried fruit, pastries, cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage and tons more...a-mah-zing! Jake did wonderful on the plane too!!...The whole flight home he slept and on the way there he was admiring the view below us...I cant thank my parents enough for watching Jake for us so often...every morning they took him to breakfast so we could get ready...they would let him run all around the lobby...they even took him outside and let him play on this huge water statue...plus steven and I enjoyed playing uno every night with them before bed!! Btw...the baby moved like crazy the last 2 days...especially on the plane...it was almost distracting...but Im so happy I can feel that again!! On another side note...Jacob calls me 'Dada'...hmmm...I cant help but laugh but serioulsy..Do I look like a Dada to you??? When we show him a picture of himself we ask him who it is and he says "football" lol ...Some more things he says now are: Uh-oh..excuse you (all together like that) Hottt (b/c he touched my flat iron) Fishy, Shoe, and now knows where all of his body parts are..like Hair, Head, Knee, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Nose (aka honk honk) belly button (also where he points when I ask where mommy's baby is), fingers and yes he does know his "boy" region...lol.. and along with the other words he'd been saying already he's really starting to pick things up quickly...its amazing how much their brains are like a sponge at this age ...anyways....I cant wait for our next trip...Hawaii maybe??? Somewhere sunny!!...On a side note b/c of the snow Steven didnt have to go to work so I got him all to myself...we built a snowman and picked out carpet...lol random I know..PLUS..I fufilled an ultimate craving..and picked up a piece of cake (the same kind from our wedding) at Freighthouse square!...My dad tagged along with us today so I bought him one too...I've already eaten it...oops...maybe I should have bought 2 pieces!!
Until Tomorrow!!

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