Sunday, January 6, 2008


I hope this isnt too hard to read...I kinda like the combo Ok I officially need to cut the umbilical cord from the computer...ahh...thanks Suzie and Carly...for getting me obsessed with Im on it now just as much as myspace!! Its great though..Im just exploring the real world of moms! ...and through them I've found 2 great new sites... heres one.. and the other... how cool! Yesterday was a great day...we got all dressed up in our Hasselbeck jerseys and went to the store to get goodies for the was so nice to see that even in a small town like Orting there were tons of people still supporting our team!! We didnt feel like fact the old ladies thought Jake was a hit...we bought him a Seahawks balloon and he had to show it to everyone and call it his "football balloon!" ...they were quite impressed...steve and I were kinda embarassed because we dont want people to think that behind closed doors all we do is "push" football on him...honestly its all him! ..phew...(disclaimer: if I am in denial and dont know it please let me know ) lol so anyways my mom and dad came over to watch the game and surprisingly they were totally into it..yay! We're rubbing off...maybe now my dad will invest in a new seahawks sweatshirt!..right now he's sporting the old school style thats 2 sizes too small! ..(hint hint) after the game they went home and we just relaxed and chilled while watching a little football! ...Later that night my parents offered to watch jake so we accepted and just worked on the house cause it was too late to do it was nice waking up and not having to get a little one ready..i forgot how nice those days were! ...After church we went to our friends andy and suzies for a little 4 way wii was fun even though we had no idea how to play the so we decided to hit up the movie theater and see "I am Legend..." Holy Cow!...Best movie i've seen in a LONG time!! Even though I bawled at a certain scene..(if you've seen it Im sure you can guess which scene it was...) but seriously you all should go see it!!...after that we got Jake and here I oh yeah..on a side note...Jake was rummaging through our 500+ DVD's and he was so focused to grab this one steve and I were watching to see if he could do it...finally when he was able to pull it out he ran it over to us and low and behold it was "We Are Marshall" he saw the football on the side of the cover and was determined to get it...unfortunatley he thought it was a book and kept trying to sit on our laps so we could read it to him...we just ended up making up our own 1 year old version just so he could point to the anyways goodnight everyone!

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