Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sale of the Century....

For anyone who needs clothes now is the time to get them...lets just say I got 139.00 worth of baby clothes for 26.00at Old Navy!!!...I am on cloud hurry ends monday...and its on all types of clothes, not just baby...(but I couldnt resist...if anyone who knows me remembers how many clothes I bought when I was preg. with was my weakness!)...I did managed to sneak a little pink into my bag you never know...this sale rarely happens so why not stock up on stuff and then whatever gender you're not having give as shower gifts...or hold on to them for the next baby!!...I hadnt cleaned for months...after the "flood" I just wasnt motivated...well today it all caught up with me and its 12:41am and we're just getting ready for bed...but I feel great and the house looks good!..we got our countertops today and had a little "mishap" with one of the seams so after calls from steven, my dad and I the owner is going to come out on Monday to "look at it"...its a long story and I wont pass judgment until he inspects anyways...had a great dinner of sbarro pizza and corn dog nuggets..(with cheese sauce of course!)...mmm mmm good!...thought Id end the blog on a happy note :) ...go hawks!!!!!
until tomorrow...(or later today)

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