Thursday, January 17, 2008

We've Officially Hit our Terrible 2's!!!

I could swear my child was the incarnation of Hitler today...and I dont know if it's because we stayed at our house all day and the monotony was killing him or he's officially a "toddler" now...I cant decide...not only did he bite me in the cheek but he hits too...(what the heck??) ...he DID get punished for it!!...Im trying to think of when he would have see me or steven "hitting" and it being acceptable...but I really cant think of anything...well...except when he would hit himself and say.."ouch" and then I would hit myself and say "ouch" so maybe he thought since I was hitting myself, he could also..oh my..they sure do learn quick dont they?? Hopefully we put an end to the violence tonight by tough punishment...but I'll have to keep a close eye on him...I really dont want my son being the "bully" in social gatherings...we wont be invited anymore :( ...not to mention I hate seeing those kids in public..ya know..the ones you can tell dont get punished...grrr...anyways the granite guy came today and brought his installer with was actually quite odd...he seemed to not know anything...he had nothing to say...good or bad...his installer did all the talking...steven kept having to make suggestions on what they could/needed to do...long story short they are coming back on monday to "tint" the filler a little darker and add some shims to the cabinets to level it better...thankfully steven will be home from work on tues (wisdom teeth extraction) so he'll be able to "oversee" ...I have a good feeling its going to look good...I found a fun site with old wives tales which "supposedly" tells you your chance of having a boy or girl... I am 79% girl and 27% boy...I dont know where that other 1% went...and Im positive it will be another boy...(which is Great!) but if you are pregnant and would like to try it here it is... other than was a pretty mellow day here at the Fenton household...looking forward to tomorrow when I get to go to the zoo with my mom and Jacob...and then get fabric for curtains!!!...1 day down 6 days left until San Fransisco!!!
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