Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One More Year???...Thats it??

Ok...good news..Mike Holmgren aka Papa Bear will be back next year...bad news...its his last....ugh! On a way happier note...our friends called us and let us know about a huge sale at Sports Authority in which all Seahawk items were 50% off...we decided to check it out and we're quite successful!! We found a few more ornaments...(we're going to have a Seahawks tree next year and already have quite a few ornaments!) ...we also got Jacobs Hasselbeck jersey for next year too!...and last but not least...thanks to my hubby we were able to buy a life size cut out off matt...yes hasselbeck!!!...Right now its downstairs watching tv with us but as soon as Jakes room is done we will put it up there for him!! It was sooo funny the other night when he was eating dinner he couldnt take his eyes off of it!!...He smiled the whole time ...we accidentally caught him pointing to him and saying "da da" ...lol Steven quickly corrected him! Im hoping we'll be able to get it autographed for him this summer!! Needless to say it made my weekend!

This Sunday at church was the Sanctity of Life Sunday and Pastor Ryan did an amazing job preaching... it was definitely an eye-opener and made me realize that abortion is out there and even more common then we may think...not only does 1 out of every 4 pregnancies end up in an abortion but more babies die EACH DAY from abortions than total number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks!!! I am reading Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Questions...its an amazing book and you should read it if you havent yet!

Sunday night we went to Andy and Suzies and played guitar hero...its so fun! Im definatley on the hunt for it now...we've been going over there every weekend now and its been a blast! They even bought Jacob a Seahawks football!!...Hes been sleeping with it ever since :) Saturday Stevens parents came over and saw the new kitchen/house and we also went out to dinner...we had a lot of fun spending time with them! We also took Jacob to play in the new kids play area at the Supermall...he loved it and they really did a great job remodeling it!! Monday Jacob and I got a Grandma Papa day...unfortunatley Steven had to work. We all went to the Rainforest Cafe and Jacob LOVED it...we may take him there for his 2nd bday! ...My parents had fun taking him around the restruant and looking at all the animals!...From there my dad went home and my mom and I went to the new Kohls in Southcenter...I wasnt that impressed to be honest with you...Oh well...now we can say we've been there done that :) We went to the Old Navy and Babies R Us in Southcenter as well...managed to find some maternity tops...(which I couldnt find at the other stores!) ...and some of my favorite syle of jeans for Jacob too! ...and picked up some last minute stuff for Jake for the trip I was scoping out the pack n plays at BRU (Babies R Us) beacuse the day we find out what we're having my parents and steve and I are going to finally pick one up...we dont have one but borrow our parents all the time...its about time we invest..plus..the baby can sleep in it the first few months before Jake moves out of his crib...I think I found the one we want...but it we end up with a girl we'll get the girly one :) That evening Steven had a wisdom tooth pulled and did really well!!...I brought him home a Blizzard and made him some dinner and he got to stay home today...but being the type of person he is he worked all day...lol ....my dad and I did our bi-monthly trip to Costco and got some lunch and picked up some stuff...I even washed our car today...it actually wasnt too bad...I thought I was going to freeze but I sure like having a clean car again!! Im feeling the baby a lot more now and it so fun...I forgot how fun it was at the begininng... I bought a couple of new tops on sun...and mon...and wearing one of them today really made me look pg...maybe I will have steven take a pics and show you!...I cant believe I will be 4 months on Thursday!! Time sure does fly with the 2nd baby! ... We are going to the San Fransisco Zoo on friday...which makes for 2 zoos in 2 states in 1 week for jacob...we went to Pt Defiance with my mom last friday Im especially looking forward to our hotel!!...Not only is there a mall right below us but its right on the water and has free breakfast in the morning!!! Ahh...a vacation...I cant wait to see my family and for Jacob to finally meet them too!!...Plus my mom and dad are going and they've already offered to watch Jake if steve and I want to go out and about with my cousin!!! :) Ahhh...time to start packing...1.5 days left!!! Love, Keren!PS...RIP Heath Ledger...Sad to see such a good actor die on such bad terms...especially with a young child...thoughts and prayers to his family...

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Of course i don't care that you put me as a link, i did the same with yours. Is still dont know what i will write about. :)