Friday, January 4, 2008

Go Seahawks...I am sooo jealous...I've got 3 friends going to the game tomorrow...I know and trust they will scream their butts off tomorrow...1:30 kickoff...dont forget about it...and wear your seahawks attire too..oh yeah and to anyone else going to the game...the humane society will be there will their bus and they would love it if you guys would bring dog or cat food with you to much focus is directed to children and families...(which it should be dont get me wrong)...but SO many times animals get forgotten about so heres a great opportunity to support our furry friends !!...ok enough of my public service announcement for the day...I got to finally spend the day with my girls after a long 2 week wait...and I had a ton of fun and ate a ton of great food...i've been ranting and raving about it all day but Christy fufilled my ultimate craving for pot roast today and Im still thinking about it...I've got to get that recipie...nothing like having your meat fall off onto your fork...and the potatoes and carrots...oh man I want some more!!! lol Ps Michelle the cookies were delicious too!!...Im girls really know how to tear it up in the kitchen...for me its about what im going to pick up at we had a great time...(see pic below...minus Kari ...who had to leave early) But the kids did a great job and that made it so much more enjoyable! Afterward I was having yet another craving for Pizza Hut stuffed crust...(lol I know michelle you're probably laughing at me cause I'm talking about food again...haha) but steven thought it sounded good so we had that for dinner and thankfully have leftovers for tomorrow! Nothing like pizza for leftovers! MMmmm! We caught up on a few episodes of jeopardy (we love to compete against each other) and I won tonight..* oh ps..for my survivor junkies...James is coming back for next season!!! yay!!! I think that about sums up my curious to see what you all think im having...*cause im make a pitstop to my site and vote on my poll! ...We did an "old wives tale" test today at Christys with the wedding ring and chain held over your first it was a strong girl but with the next 2 people to do it, it showed boy...hmmm Im interested to know of any other quircky wives tales you've heard of to try and "predict" the sex with the Chinese lunar calander it said I was having a girl with Jacob and a boy with this one...we'll see...
Until tomorrow....Me!

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