Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok so I seriously need a cheese intervention....if you didnt read my away msg I ate a bagel with cream cheese, macaroni and cheese and 2 slices of american cheese...and that was just cholestrol is going to shoot through the roof...see...there I go again...talking about food...ahh!! I had a fairly productive mon/tues...although I cant really remember what I did yesterday...hold on....oh yeah!! duh!...I met my best friend Katie for lunch at Red Robin..and together we probably drank 8 strawberry lemonades...(thank goodness they are bottomless!!) It was a wonderful lunch b/c i dont get to see her as often as I would love to so I was honored she spent her day off with me!!...Later that night steven and I went "granite countertop" shopping and werent very successful...we felt he was too on we keep looking...anyone know of a good place we could get them???....After that we decided to go grocery shopping at "The Wal" ...which wasnt a problem until we waited 45 minutes to get checked out...I had to go sit in the car cause I felt like i was going to pass out...I was sooo angry....I mean, at any given time there are tons of people there and for them to only have something like 4 cashiers is ridiculous!!!!...But thankfully I was able to forget about the madness as I bit into a very scrumptous tuna subway sandwich!!!!....I had to have eaten the whole thing in less than 10 mins...but it was soooo good...(food, food, food) I go again...Today Jake and I went to Joanns to look at fabric to make curtains for his room...I was successful and now they're off to my mom's so she can make them...(you thought I was going to make them...ha!) I happened to be driving past a 7-11 on the way home and somehow my car ended up in the parking lot...mistake 1....mistake 2 was getting a 28oz slurpee...(thats 828 mL!) and drank it all way too fast..which caused a tummy ache...I think I'll stick to the smaller sizes from now on! We got home and I put Jake down for a nap waited for steven to get home and we went to the Depot...."aka Home Depot" got some moulding we needed and some other misc "steve stuff" ...had to jump to Lowes to look at something but werent successful...which was ok b/c I was starting to get sleepy...went home and here I am....back in cyberspace...gotta go though...MOPS is nice and early tomorrow morning!!
Until next time, Keren!
PS...In case you didnt get it...I chose these colors b/c of my cheese fetish!!

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Amy said...

It's ok Keren, I'm eating cheese out of a can right now! :) It must be a pregnancy thing! I remember when we went to a Rainiers game when you were pregnant with Jake and you ate the pretzel cheese without the pretzel! :) All that calcium is good for you and your baby girl! :)