Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fighting colds...but thats ok...American Idol is back...yes!!!

We'll we survived our 1st official round of the cold...thankfully it was short and only lasted 2 days...now we're just praying that Steven doesnt get it right before our trip! No real need to mention Saturday as I'd like to keep it a blur on the events that happened...and Im not talking about me being sick...everyone in Seattle should know what Im talking about...ugh..I guess there's always next year...(I hate saying that...) seems like so long from now... good luck Jess and Sophia on your green bay team...looks like you've got a great shot playing at home against the giants saturday! After the game we were spoiled by my mom and she made us dinner at our house...thats right...she's used my new kitchen before me...I swear im going to learn to cook soon!!... regardless it was wonderful and we had a great time...Sunday we stayed home from church b/c we were at our "peak" in our colds but still managed to head up to steves aunt and uncles for his grandmas 81st birthday and his cousins 39th...i love seeing jacob interact with his great grandma not everyone has one so its a special time for him and I cherish it! Sunday night my parents offered to take jake so I could get some sleep...(im not complaining...I do get to sleep in with Jake until 10) it was still nice to be able to go at my own pace in the morning!!...we went to our friends suzie and andys house and played "scene it" and "phase 10"...fun times and wonderful food...(ps suz i still want that recipe!) we are board-game-a-holics...and love to spend time with other addicts...and its so nice cause they just live a few minutes away...call us old and boring but we love it! lol monday I went and picked up jake and we went looking for some pendant lights...somewhat successful but we're still looking...for dinner steven took us to sakuras and had a delicious dinner...(duh...like always!) ...if there's 2 things I miss about tacoma its sakuras and the mall...lol ...today we spent the day at danielles...(aka carrie underwood ) her and steph made some wonderful nachos for us...they were amazing plus danielle cut our hair!!...its so nice having a stylist in the group!! and once again the "granite guy" was a no-show...2nd day in a row...strike 2....so he's got until thurs...and we're going Judge Judy on him! lol well we will see...but his install job was junky and he's in denial that someone would ever complain about the 2 guys that came and did it...good thing we havent paid him the other half! grr...anyways...im not going to let it bother me b/c in all honesty its not that noticable...its just not great...anyhoots I got a 200+ on my wii bowling tonight...and lowered my fitness age by 10 years!! lol too bad we ate mcdonalds tonight and I probably gained 5 lbs...ugh...time to go watch american idol, biggest loser and the real housewives of orange county!! adios!

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