Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Bucks...

If you had a million bucks and you had to allocate it immediately - how would you spend it?? I came across this question on my friend Heathers Blog and it got me thinking...what would I do?? Here's my list and I challenge you to do the same thing on your blog!!


$200,000 - Church (tithe)
$100,000- Distriubted among animal shelters/charities
$100,000- To Mine and Stevens Parents
$50,000- Jacobs College Fund
$50,000- Norahs College Fund
$200,000-Pay off the house

$20,000- Tour Europe/Travel
$10,000- To go back to nursing school
$40,000-Buy Steven a big truck!
$200,000- Invest

$20,000- Finish remodeling the house
$10,000- Trade in my current SUV and buy a Tahoe!

1 comment:

VBC MOPS said...

umm. . . you forgot to mention "take your friend Amy shopping"! :)